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DE-LYFT Hebetechnik the best of two Worlds – Translyft and ADE

DE-LYFT Hebetechnik GmbH is the promising outcome and culmination of more than 20 years close cooperation between ADE-werk GmbH in Offenburg, Germany, and Translyft A/S in Dybvad, Denmark.
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Supermarket increases efficiency and safety

A large Danish Supermarket needed to optimise the way they transported boxes of customers' goods for their new "Buy and pick up" initiative. Our lifting table made the process safe and efficient for the employees.
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Working vertically instead of horizontally

Expan, a major manufacturer of concrete elements for residential construction, needed a solution so their employees could work on the elements in height. Our solution made it possible to access the concrete elements at an ergonomically correct working height without compromising safety.
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Elevate your ROI with lifting equipment

Work-related back and neck disorders are the most common occupational disease in Europe and accounts for almost 50% of all occupational reasons for absence. This has been estimated to cost between 0,5 - 2% of the gross national product in European countries. Workers in the food industry appear more frequently in the statistics for both minor and acute injuries and deaths (1). 75% of the injuries caused by manual lifting could be prevented. Therefore, we are looking at the ROI of lifting equipment (2).
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Ergonomic and hygienic solution for zoos

A zoo needed a lifting table for treating animals. We made a stainless steel lifting table that made the work more ergonomically correct and the table easier to clean. The solution is popular and has been sold many times.
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ATEX Solution Improves Working Conditions At Major Whisky Producer

A traditional whisky cask filling operation in Scotland needed to improve the manual handling and ergonomic working position for its workers. The process involves the filling of various sizes of wooden casks with spirit which are then automatically handled on a chain conveyor system for loading and placing in bond to mature.
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Servicing hospital beds without risks

The service department at a Danish hospital needed a solution to repair the many hospital beds that needed service. We delivered a solution where the beds could be lifted up to the best ergonomic working height without any lifting and even made working with the details such as the wheels easier. The solution is very popular and is used in different versions at many of the Danish hospitals.
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TRANSLYFT takes over agent in Benelux

The largest developer and manufacturer of lifting tables in Denmark has taken over its agent in the Netherlands - TRANSLYFT Benelux Erve TT. This is in line with TRANSLYFT's growth strategy.
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TRANSLYFT is raising the racing team

Julle Racing is a racing team focused on Speedway. They train and participate in races three to four times a week and after each use the bikes have to be dismantled and cleaned so that they can run optimally for the next time. Julle Racing were looking for a solution that could alleviate all the heavy lifting. Our solution was simple, cheap, ergonomic and has plug and play.
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Back injuries, lost work days and ergonomics

About 80 percent of adults experience back pain at some point in their lifetimes. It is the most common cause of job-related injury and a leading contributor to missed work days (1). Material handling equipment not only helps ensure good workplace ergonomics by minimising the risks of back injuries, but increases efficiency at the same time. Learn more about back pain, ergonomics and how to reduce the risks of back injury’s in this white paper.
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Getting heavy teaching equipment to the first floor

Automotive Industry Development Center in Frederikshavn, Denmark, needed an elegant solution to lift heavy objects up to the classrooms on the first floor of a brand-new building. Our solution met both requirements and even had an economic benefit.
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Food Processor doubles capacity

A division of Kerry foods who extracts syrups from various fruits for use as food ingredients needed to consolidate production from two to one site.
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Solution for a fully automated warehouse

This is how we helped a system integrator meet the demands of an automated warehouse. Our solution worked expertly in the integrated system of cranes, conveyors and lifts.
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Loading bay lift solution improves safety and efficiency

A homewares company importing goods in shipping containers needed an alternative operation for unloading. Our solution created a safer system of work including better manual handling and removing the risks of falling from a height.
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Cleaning efficiency, cleaning effect and the world’s only hygienic scissor lift table

Anyone working in an environment where hygiene is an essential part of everyday life knows about the efforts to avoid bacterial formation and ensure a clean end product. Here you get a quick overview of the importance and essentials for cleaning efficiency and cleaning effect as well as the history of the world's only hygienic scissor lift concept.
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From lifting the roof to lifting the goods

A 1st tier automotive supply company was looking for an alternative to taking the roof and side off their building when they needed to change their machines. Our solution took care of this and furthermore provided them with a new internal goods lift mounted at the outside of the building.
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A 50-year-old changes pace: New beginning for Translyft

Translyft, the largest manufacturer of lifting tables in Denmark have set themselves to redefine the market which they have been part of for the last half century. Among other things, it’s about selling lifting solutions instead of lifting tables – and about what might be the world’s most hygienic lifting table.
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