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Low profile scissor lift table

Low profile scissor lift tables are particularly great for handling pallets or palletizing and depalletizing and working in places where a pit is not an option. This is due to their very low building height at around 85 mm. They ensure a consistent and ergonomically correct working height for the person performing the task. Beyond being ergonomically sound they also have a positive impact on efficiency as the strain of vertical movement eventually slows down the process speed.

Low profile scissor lifts are also very handy in places where the user does not want to make a pit in the floor, but still requires a very low closed height of the scissor lift table. This may be due to the fact that the item placed on the lift is quite tall or multiple items are stacked high, which requires a low profile scissor lift table to continuously ensure a good working height for the operator.

translyft low profile scissor lift table

Low profile scissor lift tables from Translyft come in two primary formats

The first low profile scissor lift format is the TCB model. This has a traditionally square shaped platform. When used for pallet handling, a low ramp is put on the ground to access the low profile scissor lift table platform with a pallet jack. This model is used for non-EUR pallet formats. But, it is also often used when a pit is not an option and a low closed height for the scissor lift table is a requirement.

The second low profile scissor lift format is the TUB model, where the platform has a U-shape where a pallet can be loaded straight onto the table in closed height by driving a pallet jack with the pallet in to the middle of the “U” and dropping off the pallet on the table. This model is almost always used for EUR pallets. The EUR pallet is loaded straight onto the lifting table and it is much easier to load horizontally than to drive up and down a ramp. If there are loose goods or smooth items, such as glazed cartons for example, on the pallet, the U-shaped table is also very advantageous as the pallet is not tilted. This is the TUB tables’ biggest advantage over TCB tables with a ramp.

Previously the lifting height of these tables have in some instances been a challenge, which is why Translyft developed an “X-range” for the low profile scissor lift models – X for extra travel.

The newly developed TUB 1000 X and TCB 1000 X, sets a new standard for low profile scissor lift tables. The X tables’ travel has been increased by 180 mm to 900 mm. This means the that the maximum height above the floor for “X-range” reaches right up to 980 mm. This is a significant advantage whenever equipment and items are produced or fitted, whilst it ensures that the items are raised to a good working height so that the operator stands correctly throughout the work process. It is, of course, particularly important to raise an item if it is to be processed on the underside.

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Many models make it easy to find the perfect solution

Sixteen different Translyft low profile scissor lift tables are available as standard. They can handle loads up to 2.000 kg and in some instances 3.000 kg if supported by double horizontal scissors.

Beyond these models we also have other low profile scissor lift types, which allows us to accommodate almost any need. For example, there is the FLL-model, which is often used in stainless steel for the food industry for non-EUR pallets. It is a combination of the TUB and TCB format and allows operators to load the table without a ramp. There is also the TLG-version, which is similar, but often equipped with an automated roller conveyor to make it part of an automated setup. Finally the Translyft low profile scissor lift tables also come in a double horizontale version for longer goods. See all the versions here .

Many of these models often need to be integrated and semi-automated  to make them work better in the customers setup, which we are specialists at in Translyft.

translyft Low profile scissor lift table in factory

A good investment

Our customers have stated time and again that it is particularly cost effective to invest in Translyft’s low profile scissor lift table. The lifting tables can handle the heavy and often continuous work wherever goods must be raised or lowered, while the operator only must move the goods at the most comfortable and ergonomically correct working height. Naturally we have also fitted the table with a kick-plate around the bottom frame of the table going just outside the top platform to ensure an operator’s feet cannot get crushed by a descending platform. In case where it is not operated by a person the tables can also be set to work along with automated setups or robots.

Good workplace ergonomics has multiple positive side effects. It tends to produce a significant increase in efficiency, it minimizes the risk of strain, lifting and back injuries, and improves workplace morale.

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