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High quality scissor lift trolley

Our scissor lift trolley is a lifting equipment based on TRANSLYFT’s flagship product, the hydraulic scissor table, combined with a standard trolley to enable lifting and transporting small-sized valuables.

The parallelly running scissor arms equipped with a small motor make it a great tool for daily lifting/transportation activities at many locations. The application for our product could be found at a supermarket, factory, broadly defined logistic operations and any type of warehousing.

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Variety of applications

The goods are to be placed on a trolley and transported from location A to B. The hydraulic mechanism running the equipment makes it extremely easy for the operator to elevate goods placed on the countertop. Hence eliminating any potentially dangerous, repetitive motion of bending and lifting.

A good example of where the scissor lift trolley could come in handy would be at an assembly line or at a repair spot. The operator can fill the countertop with needed tools, transport it to the repair spot and lift the tools to the desired height. 

It makes every day work easier and safer for the employees as the same task without a use of the scissor lift trolley would either be impossible because of the weight of the necessary equipment or could expose the operator to a risk of injury by repetitive bending and lifting.

The weight capacity is sufficient for any standard warehousing activities including transporting goods from one part of a factory to another, storing heavy load contents, elevating and lowering loads. It may also be utilized as a workbench, having placed the tools on the countertop and just reaching for a needed appliance. Just to name a few benefits coming from having a scissor lift trolley at your workplace.

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Good impact on the employees

Even covering seemingly short distance within a factory premise while carrying a load, e.g. a quite heavy toolbox with spare parts, over the course of time may contribute to musculoskeletal disorders in a long run. Same tasks performed with a help of the scissor lift trolley noticeably increase daily performance as it reduces the physical stroll it has on the operator, allowing them to focus on the task itself instead of wasting energy resources on carrying and lifting a load.

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Easy to operate

With a use of a rising pedal, the lifting trolley is completely foot operated, allowing a seamless operation without a need of using hands to lower or rise the equipment. The pushing handle is located at an ergonomically correct height ensuring a good work posture while usage. Therefore, the operator does not risk bending too low to grab the handle or having to reach too high causing their arms to be in an awkward and uncomfortable position.

Extreme sturdiness coming from two pairs of high-quality casters combined with product’s durability makes it a long- lasting and reliable product. Any type of maneuvering is extremely easy and effortless, allowing the operator to place the scissor lift trolley in any desired position. It is also equipped in breaks to enable placing the lifting trolley in a desired spot.

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As all our products, the scissor lift trolley could be produced as a bespoke solution, depending on your needs. Our sales team is ready to advice you and navigate you through the available options and possible alterations to best fit your task, and your workplace.

Whatever load, height, coating, or size you need, we are ready to deliver a high-quality solution which will help to improve daily operations at your workplace.

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