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Mobile scissor lift

A mobile scissor lift is a scissor lift table equipped with wheels, enabling movement. The basic premise of the mechanism is the same as in all our TRANSLYFT scissor tables, a pair of parallel scissor arms running up and down in a seamless motion, lifting or lowering the platform.

The original design is stationary, usually mounted in a desired spot, where the mobile platform, as the name suggest is allowing the device to be moved within e.g. factory’s premises using wheels.

translyft mobile scissor lift

Various usage

The mobile scissor lift may find a use in various factories, car repair shops, supermarkets, numerous kinds of warehousing activities. Activities connected with packaging, assembly, storage as well as reception and dispatch may greatly benefit from using a mobile scissor lift. It does not only improve the daily workflow by cutting back an average time of operations linked with lifting and transporting activities but also significantly boosts employees’ morals. It is a result of maintaining a healthy workstation, with great benefits for both your and/or your workers health.

Whenever there is a need for transporting a loaded table or simply, you wish to use a table at different locations without having to use another device to place it somewhere else, each time wasting time and human resources. The mobile scissor lift solution is a great fit for a dynamic workplace with a need for mobile lifting device. It allows any kind of movement, a classic vertical, up and down movement as well as horizontal, due to a pair of wheels.

The mobile scissor lift may also be used a working platform for an operator, when a safety handrail and gates are added to the tabletop it creates a standing space for the worker. The railings provide protection from falling, with further safety alterations such as a tear drop plate.

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Dangers of lacking equipment

The daily warehousing activities being executed without a proper equipment could take a dangerous stroll on one’s health. Even a supposedly small load when lifted repetitively, forcing the employee to perform the same motion over and over during their workday can turn out to cause a serious effect on the spine, muscles and tendons. When adding having to physically transport a load, for instance between two workstations it may result in a serious injury over time.

The workplace injuries result in sick leaves that can last weeks or even months, forcing the employer to find a temporary or permanent replacement. It brings significant cost and is a big burden regarding company’s expenses.

An easy way of improving employees’ morale is to provide them with necessary equipment. The expenses connected to improving your workplace are unavoidable in due course. It is best to invest in a recognized solution, proven to be an everyday help to thousands of people all over the globe.

Another of many advantages a mobile scissor lift may bring to your workplace is a save in time resources. Many times, an operation if not impossible to perform will take much more time from employee’s schedule as opposed to performed with a help of the said device. If you have a need for a table at different time slots at different locations within your factory’s premises a mobile table could be a perfect solution for you, as you could easily transport it from one part of the building to another, without a use for extra help.

Features for your mobile scissor lift 

TRANSLYFT’S mobile scissor lift features high quality casters together break making it safe to use and easy to navigate. The control laver enables managing the walking speed when operating the machine. The sturdy construction makes it a trusted equipment, with capacity over 1000 kg, depending on the model. A solid surface makes it resilient to any type of bending connected to heavy loads placed on the top of it.

Lift capacity as well as the working height depends on your needs and type of scissor lift used as a base. We offer a variety of lift sizes, from a super low table with travel height at 715 mm to triple vertical ones with travel height reaching 7000 mm. Our offer is broad and can be fitted to any need you and your workplace require.

It can be equipped in a safety railing to allow working on heights, creating a safe, restricted space for the operator e.g. while painting large scale projects. Any of our accessories can be added to the project, creating a bespoke solution, adjusted to perfectly feed your needs.

Numerous alterations, such as a roller conveyor for the packing belt or sideways retractable platform for a seamless operation at heights, moving table sideways instead of the operator being forced to come down and physically move the table.

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