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Static scissor lift table

A Static lift scissor table, or a lift table, which is another name, may be lifted and lowered to the desired location, rendering the work more ergonomic and making many lifts redundant.

The scissor lift table moves upright and is secure and flat. The name of the scissor lift derives from the construction where the two arms are intertwined, making it look like a scissor. A scissor lift table is a sturdy solution that will last for many years to come.

If the scissor lift is static it is either positioned directly on the floor or mounted in a pit.

There may be several benefits of the scissor lift table being static. We have many versions built to stand directly on the floor while also being able to load pallets onto the lift table with either a manual pallet lift or a fork truck lifter.

If you are looking to lift large loads up in the air, the pit is most likely the way to go as a pit will stabilize the load and the machine.

You can use the static scissor lift many places such as a factory, assembly line or some other place where goods or products are in need of a elevation.

The table may be modified to function in almost any working conditions, if your job includes the lifting table when work includes manual handling, assembly, welding or servicing parts and components.

TRANSLYFT operates with three main product lines: Standard product line, Silverline budget line lifting tables, and hygienic line that is optimized for clean room industries. We offer various surface treatments: stainless steel, galvanized steel and painted steel or a mix of these. Read all about it here.

The tables comply with the protection regulations of EN 1570, ISO 9001 and can also be produced in ATEX on request.

translyft static scissor lift table

Advantages of the static scissor lift table 

There are many advantages of a static scissor lift table. Among other aspects, the lifting table is designed to handle heavy loads for several years. We have a lot of clients coming back to us looking for replacement parts for scissor lifts that are bought more than 15 years ago.

How to use a static scissor lift table

Essentially, you use a scissor lift table or lift table, wherever there are issues with heavy lifting, difficult working positions, or height differences. You put an object or a pallet on the lift table and lift it to the optimal working height for an individual working at the table. For eg, on a manufacturing line, workers can pack the goods in boxes at an ergonomically acceptable working height to prevent improper lifting, bending, and turning.

Of course, the use varies depending on the nature of hydraulic lifting solution, for example, whether you purchase a goods lift between floors for goods transfer, a work platform to lift the employee in height, or a loading bay that regulates the height between the dock and lorry loading.

It has been found that decreased physical pressure improves productivity, and workplace environments change, creating happier workers.

translyft scissor lift table

See a video about lifting tables and your accessory options


SWL stands for “Safe working load” and is the maximum safe load that a piece of lifting equipment, lifting device or accessory can exert to lift, suspend, or lower, a given mass without fear of breaking.

Depending on how you load your static scissor lift table the SWL capacity will vary.

If your lifting table has a max capacity of 1000 kg. The capacity will be changed downwards by 50 percent if you just fill the table at one end of the table (Figure b) making the capacity 500 kg. The capacity is reduced by 33 percent if the scissor lift table is just filled on the side the lifting table the capacity is reduced to about 333 kg (figure c).

SWL loading instructions

Accessories for your static scissor lift table 

We recognize that each static scissor lift table is unique, so we have plenty of different accessories that can be applied to your scissor lift table to accommodate your particular workstation and improve your workflow. For instance, or you may like a tilt function to get better access to content See picture), want to monitor the weight of the scissor lift table, or need extra security because your scissor lift lifts heigh in the air or want to add a ramp to the static scissor lift table to make access with a hand pallet truck easy. See all our options for accessories here:


translyft scissor lift with tilt