TYPE: Lift
Capacity:600 - 1200 kg
Travel:0 - 8000 mm
Closed height:120mm
Length:120 mm
Surface treatment
Better Levelling

Better Levelling

Increased lifting capacity

Increased lifting capacity

Our Mastlift can be used at several levels and is available with many different functions. Among other things, smaller platform and high travel. The Mastlift has a low installation height, so no pit or other construction work is required. The Mastlift can either be mounted on existing walls or with a freestanding shaft with doors incl. interlocks.

The Mastlift construction is strong and stable and is easy to maintain and service. The lift is freestanding e.g. in locked machine cabinet.

The Mastlift is fitted with TRANSLYFT freight elevator control which includes autolevel system and soft start / stop.

Our Mastlift can be delivered in ATEX, Hygienic Design, stainless steel, galvanized steel and painted steel.

Technical specifications

TRANSLYFT standard program
Type Capacity (kg) Travel (mm) Closed height (mm) Total raised height mm (mm) Length (mm) Width (mm) Lift time (sec) Motor (kW) Weight (kg)
MTL 600 600 0 - 3250 120 - 1400 1200 45 mm/sek 2.2 -
MTL 1200 1200 0 - 3000 120 - 1400 1200 60 mm/sek 4.0 -

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Service and repair

In addition to our standard 12 month parts and labour warranty we offer 3 after-sales service packages anywhere in the UK.

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TRANSLYFT can deliver spareparts to all our lifting tables. 

Whether it is a cylinder, oil or wheel that needs to be changed, we have it in stock so we can send it to you quickly. Write to our spareparts  mail or contact us at tel. 0870 904 7775

different spareparts for scissor lift tables

Bespoke solutions

Did you not find a product that fit your exact needs? TRANSLYFT are experts in both small and large adjustments of our products so please do not hesitate to give us a call and hear more.

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Surface Treatments

TRANSLYFT can manufacture most products in stainless steel, galvanized steel and painted. Read more about the three surface treatments here

stainless steel surface

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