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Mobile Elevated Work Platforms

A Mobile Elevated Work Platform (MEWP) is as the name suggests it a mobile machine used for moving people to temporary working positions carried out at a height, with the intent of the operator being able to easily get on and off. The aim of this special equipment is to allow the operator work at a desired height, while maintaining a safe position.

A Mobile Elevated Work Platform consists of a work platform with control, a chassis, and an extending structure, which is based on Translyft scissor lift mechanism, rising vertically. They commonly have larger work platform than other types of MEWP’s, such as a boom lift for instance. It allows the operator to maneuver safely and proficiently, enabling seamless driving and positioning of the equipment. See more about the Translyft work platforms.

Whether you are a painter, decorator, electrical or mechanical contractor you may find a need for this type of machinery when performing your job. They are commonly used by a numerous of trades, across various sectors of industry, from arboriculture, port operations, stock picking, diverse warehousing activities to electrical distribution and supply.

A Mobile Elevated Work Platform allow you to work near or over water, working on live roads or any other type of work at height, such as painting large-scale industrial projects inside or outside a facility. As mentioned above it is a multi-purpose machine although it is most typically utilized for maintenance activities or construction works.

They are known to replace ladders, scaffolds, and the likes in accessing hard to reach places at heights.


Continues improvement of your workplace is related to inevitable investments in machinery, people and training. We can help you to reduce this cost in the long run by offering a high quality solution, lasting for many years to come. The efficient investment turns into a saving in the long run. A failure of machinery is a great expense which is reduced when purchasing from a responsible, trusted manufacturer.

As mentioned above the Mobile Elevated Work Platforms replace ladders and scaffolds, releasing the operator from awkward and uncomfortable working positions they need to assume.

Work on ladders results in considerably higher muscle loading demands, rising levels of discomfort, and reduced performance arising from the restrictions on postures.

A field study of experienced electricians on a construction site conducted for the purpose of Shoulder muscle loading and task performance for overhead work on ladders versus Mobile Elevated Work Platform report from 2014 states that found that workers spent approximately 28% of their working time on ladders versus 6% on MEWPs ( source ). As a consequence they are forced to keep an ergonomically incorrect posture, increasing their fatigue. As trivial as it may seem, a daily inconvenience might turn into a serious issue over time.

A muscular pain is an everyday struggle of many workers across all industries. Numerous workers complain about pain in the back, shoulders, elbows, wrists and hands, all connected with Musculoskeletal Disorders. They include a wide range of inflammatory and degenerative diseases and disorders which can result in pain and functional impairment of various parts of the body.

As a consequence, the operator is unable to continue their job and find himself/herself in a need of taking a break from the job till recovery. It creates a need for extra financial resources, spend on a training and maintaining a replacement worker. Unless the workplace and its employees are equipped with the proper machinery it will be an on-going cycle, causing financial loss and deterioration in quality as the assets could be allocated in another area of business. Utilized for further improvements.

A mobile elevated work platform saves not only the financial but also time resources. A standard operation of climbing a ladder, when performed numerous times through the day, leads to increased man-hour necessary to complete a task. If there is also a need of changing the placing of the ladder as the task continuous it is an immense misuse of time and energy.

A mobile elevated work platform is a user-friendly, efficient device that allows the operator to perform any given task as seamlessly and effortlessly as possible when compared to other solutions.

Time saved by using a proper height equipment can be allocated in carrying out different tasks, consequently improving productivity of your employees. Reduced fatigue results in increased employee satisfaction and upgraded morale. Maintaining a business is inevitably linked to maintaining employee´s safety and job satisfaction. You can achieve it by acquiring Translyft lifting devices that will help you with your daily activities, creating a safe and efficient workspace.


It is essential to bear in mind the risk associated with working at heights, hence all of the necessary safety procedures such as equipping the operator with an appropriate helmet, and in certain situation a safety harness to reduce the risk of falling.

The major risks in operating a MEWP are associated with inaccurate assessment of hazardous environment, or lack of maintenance. Accidents with a use of Mobile Elevated Work Platform (MEWP) have a higher chance of happening when the operator has not undergone an appropriate training, or their training has been overlooked.

One of many factors potentially leading to accidents can be observed when operators are leaning over the guardrails while operating the machinery. Therefore, it is vital to best advice and prepare the employee, investing in thorough training. The employeer is responsible for providing both an operational equipment as well as the means to safely operating it.

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Improve safety for mobile work platforms

There are numerous measures that could be considered in order to reduce the errors. The appropriate design of controls and displays minimizes risk of the operator performing their job incorrectly. Although it is a human error the possibility of these errors could be an effectively reduced by an appropriate design of controls and displays, consequently minimizing the opportunity for errors to occur.

Many of the accidents may be addressed through better design according to Health and Safety Laboratory for the Health and Safety Executive Report 2013.

Translyft as a leading manufacturer of lift solutions is a trusted solution, providing quality products, complying with European Standards (EN 1570) regarding safety requirements and measures for all types and sizes of Mobile Elevated Work Platform. We have more than 50 years of experience which we utilize to deliver the best solution on the market.

Bespoke mobile work platform

Depending on your industry and lifting needs, the right mobile elevated work platform for you will be dependent on a number of different factors. Whether you are operating on a construction site or in potentially explosive atmospheres and are in need of an  ATEX solution, you are more than welcome to contact our Sales Team to further talk about your specific needs.

A vast majority of our lifts are sold as a customized solution, customized to fit individual requirements. We closely collaborate with our clients regarding any details or changes. Our customers are welcome to participate on every step of the way, whether you have any remarks or would like to add/or change something in the design along the way, we are ready to adhere. From design to finished solution, you are welcome to overlook any details regarding your project.

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