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Scissor lifts

Scissor lifts cover a very broad range of lifting equipment, which are all distinguished by using folded supports arranged in a pattern similar to a scissor formation to elevate a platform to position either people or equipment in the right height and place. Scissor lifts can be used for a very wide range of applications across a multitude of industries. A substantial amount of these are used as aerial work platforms in the construction industry or for service and maintenance work.

Scissor lifts compromise over 20% of the total aerial work platform market and holds a total value of app. $ 2 billion. Due to the increased focus on user safety, efficiency, and general workplace improvements the market is forecasted to grow to $ 3 billion in 2026.

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What is a scissor lift?

In Translyft we take point of departure in scissor lift tables and adhere to the regulations set out in EN 1570. A scissor lift table is a worktable or platform that can be raised and lowered to the desired position, thus making work with heavy or raised elements safer, more ergonomic, and efficient. One of the distinguishing attributes of a scissor lift is that it can be operated and setup by one person, which is often not the case for cranes or other heavy construction equipment. Also a scissor lift is often less of a fixed installation making it more versatile. Our scissor lift work platforms can be made with flex stairs that make it easy to access and exit the lift at any height, without having to always raise or lower the full lift, which is great for both safety and efficiency.

Our lifts are used for all kinds of work - most often in the industrial production or for repair and maintenance work where the employer is extra concerned with worker safety relative to the traditional mobile scissor lifts, which tend to be a bit more wobbly. Some of these work tasks could be surface preparation, coating or inspection activities. See for example this case where it was better to vertically instead of horizontally:


Our lifts use a straight-line upwards motion of the platform but can be customized to meet most bespoke needs.

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Standard products

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Translyft scissor lifts

Translyft provides a very broad range of scissor lifts that go far beyond just work platforms. Translyft scissor lifts offer the perfect solution for handling goods and people in the right height for efficiency and good ergonomics. The challenges our customers often face can range from small changes of different levels within buildings, or optimizing work flow by ensuring they occur at the right height without manually lifting the equipment or goods up and down, which is both inefficient and bad for worker health and safety. A scissor lift is a safe and reliable solution that last for many years.

Our three main lines include: Silverline budget scissos lifts, standard product line and the hygienic design range and are available in different materials: stainless steel, galvanized steel and painted. Read more here .

The TRANSLYFT scissor lift tables comply with EN 1570 safety regulation and can be produced in ATEX if requested.

translyft 3 types of scissor lifts

Advantages of a hydraulic scissor lift

There are several benefits of a hydraulic lifting table. Some of the most prominent are the ability to handle very heavy loads, whilst having a great durability, all at a relatively affordable price. We have many customers returning to us asking for spare parts for scissor lifts that are more than 15 years old, and still going strong after some tender love and care.

Also, the scissor lift is a versatile choice that often allows you to make more versatile and flexible solutions to accommodate the current state of things. Often scissor lift can be integrated into more automated setups and thus be a great interface in between the less automated processes and the completely automated processes. Scissor lifts also come with a range of options and addons that can make them applicable for most tasks where a vertical movement of people, goods or equipment is involved.

Scissor lifts and safety

All lifts which serve different levels must have certain safety aspects addressed. This may mean adding mesh curtains, barriers, gates and guardrails on smaller lifts with strokes up to 1600 mm. Larger lifts with strokes greater than 1600 mm

must better safeguarded to protect the travel zone. Entry to the lift will also be more restricted to ensure optimal safety.

When people enter a platform to place or remove goods, a mechanical anti-fall mechanism must be fitted preventing the lift from falling in the event of a hose brake or other failure.

All Translyft scissor lift tables adhere to the standards that are set out to ensure safe and correct operation and handling of our scissor lifts.

safety is key for translyft

How a scissor lift works

Using a hydraulic system or a spindle and gear motor.
A scissor lift consists of a base frame, scissor, and platform. To lift the platform, most systems use a hydraulic pump and either an electric or manual labour motor. An electric scissor lift, also known as a linear actuated lift table, employs a spindle and a gear motor to raise and lower the platform.

Simply place a pallet or other goods on the scissor lift platform and use the control box to raise the scissor lift  to the optimal ergonomic working height. The optimal work height is determined by the height of the person operating the scissor lift. Working at the proper height improves a worker's posture, health, and productivity, which is why a scissor lift table is a goods investment.

Minimize risks of MSDs

Translyft scissor lifts and scissor lift tables can substantially help reduce the costs that musculoskeletal injuries inflict over the longer term, whilst helping to increase efficiency in the short term.

A 2017/2018 study by the Health and Safety Executive, issued by the United Kingdom’s government, underlines that the costs of workplace related injuries were estimated to be £15.0 billion in the UK. (source)

‘There are risk factors causing MSDs (musculoskeletal disorders) in many types of work, so you should think about the risks of various tasks, depending on the work you do:

- bending, crouching or stooping

- work with display screen equipment

- stretching, twisting, and reaching

- lifting heavy or bulky loads

- pushing, pulling or dragging heavy loads

- sustained or excessive force

- repetitive work, particularly using the same hand or arm action

- carrying out a task for a long time

- working with hand-held power tools for a long time

- driving heavy vehicles, long-distance driving or driving over rough ground’

( source )

We can help you find the right solution

Our scissor lifts are available as both standard and highly bespoke solutions. We have a very wide range of standard products , most of which are featured on our website. The product specifics in terms of capacity, size and dimensions can typically be adjusted to fit your needs. TRANSLYFT’s scissor lifts can lift anything from 200 kg to over 20 tons.

Our program can be offered in different surface treatments / finishes and also includes specific designs such as Hygienic Design  or ATEX  to be able to meet your specific requirements. Whether it is in goods reception and dispatch, the assembly-, or packaging line or a storage area, we can help find you the right product.

Our experienced sales team can recommend you the best material for your scissor table depending on the location and surroundings of the scissor lift.

translyft elephant on scissor lift

We are specialists in our field. We deliver almost any solution and the many types of various accessories available for our scissor lift tables. This way we can transform a simple scissor lift into a special tool performing very specifics tasks or interacting with other equipment such as a table scissor lift for treating animals at a ZOO or for handling whiskey barrels at major whiskey manufacturer. See the cases here below:

Case: Hygienic solution for zoos

Case: ATEX Solution

Please do not hesitate to contact us to hear more about our scissor lifts, to discuss which type of scissor lift would suit your production line best or to get a quote. Call us at +45 9886 4900  or fill in the contact box below and we will give you a call.

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