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Accessories for your lifting table

All TRANSLYFT lifting tables can be expanded with many practical features that increase the application possibilities and ensure optimum return on your investment.

tilting lifting table


Automatic stop on lifting table

Automatic stop

Kick plate on lifting table

Kick plate

Tear drop plate on lifting table

Tear drop plate

lifting table with rails and gates

Hand rails and gates

lifting table with chain mesh

Chain mesh

scissor lift with bellow


roller blinds on lifting table

Roller blinds

lifting table with roller conveyor

Roller conveyor

lifting table with stairs


scissor lift with photo cells

Photo cell

lifting table with ramp


scissor lift with platform that retracts sideways

Sideways retractable platform

supporting legs for scissor lift

Supporting legs

foot pedal stearing for scissor lift

Foot pedal stearing

Lifting table with goal post

Goal post

Anti slip paint

Anti slip paint

Truck sleeve

Truck sleeve

Bridge plate

Bridge plate

Segmented bridge plate

Segmented bridge plate

lifting table mounted in pit

Pit mounting