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Elektric mobile lifters

TYPE: Reel handler
Specification range See Technical specifications for details
Capacity:40 - 80 kg
Travel:850 - 1950 mm
Lifting speed:0,05 m/s - 0,1 m/s
Battery:2 x 12V 7Ah
Lifts per charge:40kg/80kg x 1m x 100 times
Surface treatment
Better manual handling

Better manual handling

Technical specifications

TRANSLYFT standard program
Type Capacity (kg) Travel (mm) Lifting speed (mm) Battery (mm) Lifts per charge (mm) - (mm) Lifting time (sec) - (kW) - (kg)
PRO 80 M

80kg x 1m x 100 times

80 850 - 1950 0,1 - 0,05 m/s 2 x 12V 7Ah
PRO 40 M

40kg x 1m x 100 times

40 1040 0,1 m/s 2 x 12V 7Ah

Handling reels is easy and efficient with these electric mobile lifters. You can lift, rotate and tilt reels or drums with optimal precision and minimal effort. Or you can just move goods to where you need them.

The robust trolleys let you pick up reels from a pallet, transport to a machine and mount them with ease and accuracy. A Quick Loading function makes sure the lifter stops at your pre-set height, which makes it easy to move the reel to the machine. Our electric mobile lifters makes work easy, ergonomic and efficient and are used for reel handling in various industries worldwide.

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