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What is a loading bay

A loading bay is a platform that evens out the height difference between a warehouse floor and a lorry. The loading bay is robust and built for heavy loads. The design makes it easy, quick and safe to load and unload goods from a lorry. Using a loading bay saves a great deal of time while unloading or loading a lorry because it can be done in a few operations.

How to use a loading bay

You can use a loading bay to:

  • handle any delivery related activities by various delivery sites
  • handle roll cage
  • load and unload trucks or containers,
  • handle goods and pallets,
  • multi-height vehicle docking

Where to use a loading bay here:

  • buildings without raised docks
  • basements
  • staircases
  • warehouses
translyft loading bay

Which loading bay do you need?

A TRANSLYFT loading bay is convenient for any level difference and supports any vehicle size from a large lorry to a smaller van. We know that every workplace has different needs which is why we manufacture your loading bay to your specific demands.

A loading bay can be installed nearly everywhere you need it. They are highly popular in warehouses, in the distribution industry and anywhere where large amounts of products or food are delivered regularly. They can be mounted in these three locations: Open yards, a bank, or a dock.

translyft which loading bay do you need

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Better safety with a Loading bay

Every year there are many accidents while people are loading and unloading lorries. In many cases they are emptying a lorry via a bridge plate. However, a bridge plate simple causes the connection between the lorry and the ground but fails in protecting the sides of the bridge plate which is a exposes the employee for danger such as fall accidents and sometimes even fatal accidents.

A loading bay is a much safer solution as it can be equipped with safety features like rails or gates that are protecting the sides while unloading or loading the lorry. If there is still a need for a bridge plate to empty the lorry we can add one to the loading bay with gates that secure the sides of it making sure that the process of unloading and loading can be done smoothly and securely.

Any load carriers like pallet lifters, forklifts and roll cages can safely be used because a loading bay has enough nominal load to support this.

Access becomes optimal if you choose a loading bay solution with gates at both the front and back end because it eases the flow of goods.


A loading bay can optimise time resources when performing onsite loading and unloading. The task numbers for this operation is cut down. The dispatch time is shorter, and the down time of the lorry has been minimized which heightens the productivity in the entire dispatch area.

Our customers have already experienced the advantages of the loading bay, as you can read in the case below. The advised loading bay solution helped them to reduce the amount of processes needed to load and unload each of the containers arriving or leaving their site. Their accident rate also dropped considerably.


translyft loading bay case


We have many different accessories to choose from for your loading bay. For instance, it is very common to protect the travel zone when the loading bay is moving. This can be done with chain mesh, bellows or roller blinds that follow the loading bays movements. This protects both the employees working around the maschine but also makes sure that rubbish will fall inside the pit. See all your accessory options here

Surface treatments

You can customize your loading bay in any way you wish. If the loading bay is mounted outside we recommend a galvanized steel solution as this does not rust. If the loading bay is inside or sheltered from weather conditions we recommend a standard painted solutions. See Surface treatments here

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