Lifting table 1000 kg

A lifting table for 1000 kg is a piece of machinery used for lifting and positioning large items with a 1000 kg capability. It is made to offer a secure and safe platform for lifting and transporting bulky objects like pallets, machines, and other equipment.

Typically, the raise mechanism for the table is hydraulic or electric and is controlled by a foot pedal or a control panel. For the lift platform to hold the weight of the load, it is made from steel.

The lifting table can hold up to 1000 kilograms, or 2200 pounds, of weight, according to its 1000 kg capacity. It's crucial to remember that the table's maximum capacity should not be exceeded in order to prevent accidents or equipment damage.

In manufacturing, warehousing, and logistics activities where heavy loads need to be raised and transported securely and effectively, lifting tables with a 1000 kg capacity are frequently utilized.

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Lifting table with pipe on top

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