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Lifting table 1500 kg 

A lifting table with a 1500 kg capacity offers a range of advantages across multiple industries. One of the primary benefits is the ability to safely and efficiently move heavy loads without the need for manual labor, which reduces the risk of employee injury and increases productivity. This is particularly useful in manufacturing facilities, warehouses, and distribution centers where there is a high volume of heavy lifting required.

In addition to safety and productivity, a lifting table with a 1500 kg capacity also offers flexibility and versatility. These tables are often adjustable, allowing for customization to meet specific needs and requirements. They can be used for a variety of applications such as loading and unloading trucks, positioning equipment and machinery, and assembling and packaging products.

Overall, a lifting table with a 1500 kg capacity provides a safe and efficient solution for heavy lifting and material handling. Its flexibility, versatility, and space-saving benefits make it a valuable addition to many industrial environments.

Lifting table 1500 kg from Translyft
TM 1500
Translyft TM 1500
Capacity:1500 kg
Movement:1100 mm
Min. height:230 mm
Max height:1330 mm
Length:1700 mm
Width:900 mm
Price 4.825 €
Excl. VAT and shipping

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