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TRANSLYFT SZ 500 lifting trolley

SZ 500

CAPACITY: 500 kg

TRAVEL: 595 mm.

LENGTH: 855 mm.

WIDTH: 500 mm.


MAX HEIGHT: 880 mm.

MOTOR:  Foot pump

WEIGHT: 85 kg.


PRICE: € 855
(ex. VAT, packaging and freight)

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Perfect for simple cargo handling

Lifting trolleys are ideal for basic freight handling. Lifting trolleys are perfect for companies where lifting, transferring, or altering the working height is a daily issue.

Correct working posture and procedures where heavy lifting is eliminated result in considerably enhanced productivity as employees are less exhausted, absenteeism is reduced, and the workforce is more content.

Translyft specialises in assisting our customers in increasing production and decreasing time lost due to manual handling operations. We have substantial industry knowledge and can identify the best ergonomic solution for your operations and procedures.

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How to use a lifting trolley