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Safety Equipment

Safety trip bar 

The safety trip bar is mounted under the outer edge of the platform and immediately stops the lowering movement if activated. The safety trip bar ensures that there are no accidents with clamping while using the lifting table.

Service lock

You are not allowed to be under the platform unless the lifting table is mechanically locked. All our lifting tables are fitted as standard with a service lock mounted on the outer axle of the wheel end. The service lock holds the table at service height, so service and repairs on power pack and scissors can be performed.

Solenoid valve

All TRANSLYFT lifting tables are mounted with a solenoid valve directly on the cylinder. The solenoid valve blocks the oil and causes the platform to stop in case of hydraulic system failure.

Non-slip surface

To secure your employees when they move on the lifting table, you can choose different non-slip surfaces for your lifting table. Among the options are the tear drop plate, rubber mat or non-slip-surface-finish which all protects your employees and reduce the risk of fall injuries.

All our lifting tables are CE marked and a CE declaration is sent to you with the manual.

EN 1570

All the TRANSLYFT lifting tables are manufactures according to EN 1570, which is the safety standard for lifting tables. This European Standard specifies the safety requirements for lifting tables for lifting / lowering of goods with or without persons.


In recent years, there has been a focus on explosion-proof equipment for use in ATEX zones. TRANSLYFT is highly advanced in developing equipment that meet the requirements for ATEX and is a certified manufacturer of ATEX approved equipment. We ensure that our lifting tables and lifts comply with all applicable safety and occupational safety regulations. 

Read more about ATEX here
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Do not hesitate to contact us to hear more about the safety possibilities for your scissor lift. 

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