Loading bay lift solution improves safety and efficiency

A homewares company importing goods in shipping containers needed an alternative operation for unloading. Our solution created a safer system of work including better manual handling and removing the risks of falling from a height.

The challenge

Operators were using a mobile step system and an empty pallet on a forklift truck to start unloading. Shipping containers are often filled with products at the country of origin within a few centimetres of the doors that makes it very difficult to start unloading, particularly on buildings with no raised dock.


The solution

Loading bay lift with hydraulic bridge plate

We Developed a locking mechanism for the bridge plate so it was supported without landing in the container. This enables the operators to remove the first few items and stack them on a pallet placed on the lift. Once there is space, the vehicle re-positions onto the buffers and unloading continues by taking pallets out of the container.

The results

Increased productivity and safety

Up to six full pallets can now be placed on the lift which then lowers to the warehouse floor level for removal by a pallet truck. Interlock flex gates over the bridge plate protect the operators from falling from a height.

“ We have cut down the unloading time of each container by nearly 50% using two operators. Previously 3-4 operators were required with our old system of work.
Our accident rate has been significantly reduced in addition”.

Operations Manager, Coopers of Stortford.

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