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Goodslift picture for DermaPharm case

Goods lift enhances safety at DermaPharm

The Danish company DermaPharm, which produces personal care products for companies around the world, needed a safe and secure way to bring products from the floor level up to the first floor. A goods lift with shafts proved to be just the right solution.


DermaPharm is a major manufacturer of personal care products. They produce both their own brands and for private labels. After production of e.g. creams, shampoos, sun protection or hand sanitizers, many of the products have to be delivered to supermarkets in displays that are ready to be put up in stores.

The packaging of these displays is located on the 1st floor of their new warehouse. Therefore, they needed a solution to get pallets of products up to display production and back down for shipping.

Originally, the idea was to transport the products up and down via stackers, but this would be an unsafe solution because products could fall off the pallets, and it would also slow down the work of the employees who are packing goods on the ground floor. 

Goods lift installed in warehouse


The solution was a goods lift with shaft. With a capacity of 1 tonne, a travel of 5000 mm and two built-in stops, the solid goods lift suited DermaPharm's needs perfectly.

Translyft installed the goods lift, so all the technical details were taken care of, including the approval of the lift.

Employees drives pallet into translyft goods lift


The goods lift has proven to be an efficient and safe investment that is used on a daily basis. With space for four pallets, the goods lift can be thoroughly filled before being driven up or down. All employees can operate it because it is easy to use.

"We are happy with the solution we found with Translyft. The goods lift has both improved safety and increased efficiency."
Kim Ostermann Larsen, Warehouse & Logistics Coordinator

Translyft goods lift placed in a storage facility