Goods lift

TYPE: Lift
Specification range See Technical specifications for details
Capacity:500 - 10000 kg
Travel:550 - 7000 mm
Closed height:160 - 1015 mm
Length:900 - 4000 mm
Width:650 - 3000 mm
Surface treatment
Available in ATEX

Available in ATEX

Better Levelling

Better Levelling

Increased lifting capacity

Increased lifting capacity

Technical specifications

TRANSLYFT standard program
Type Capacity (kg) Travel (mm) Closed height (mm) Total raised height (mm) Length (mm) Width (mm) Lifting time (sec) Motor (kW) Weight (kg)
TLD 2000 2000 1600 400 2000 1300 900 32 2.2 375
TLT 1500 1500 2400 550 2950 1300 900 30 2.2 495
TSD 1500 1500 3000 450 2450 2200 1300 50 2.2 775
TST 2500 2500 4500 800 5300 2400 1500 56 5.5 2400
TTD 3000 3000 3000 600 3600 2500 1300 80 4 1500

TRANSLYFT goods lifts are for use between different levels and mezzanins up to 4500 mm and are based on our scissor construction.

The goods lift can be delivered complete with shaft, doors, gates, handrail, scissor protection with for example bellow or chain mesh. The doors and gates are delivered with interlocks for security reasons. 

Our Goods lift can be manufactured in painted steel. Please ask for specialized models in e.g. stainless steel, ATEX or customized measeurements.  

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Data sheet

Container lift outside factory

Different Goods lifts

Pallet lift inside warehouse
small goods lift outside shop
Large inside goods lift in shaft

Goods lifts

A TRANSLYFT a goods lift is a lifting platform that helps in an ergonomic way, transportation of material from one level to another. Goods lifts are for use between different levels and mezzanines up to 4500 mm and are based on our scissor construction. A goods lift is especially handy in a warehouse or in a retail business where large quantities of products have to be transported from one height to the other. 

A TRANSLYFT goods lift improves both efficiency and productivity while relieving your employees from everyday stresses caused by bending and lifting. As a goods lift can carry many pallets of goods at a time you save time and heightens efficiency.

A goods lift is a safe and stable solution that lasts for many years.

We deliver both standard and bespoke goods lifts and regardless of specifications the starting point is a strong construction, easy maintenance and safety.

The goods lift can be delivered complete with shaft, doors, gates, handrail, scissor protection such as bellow or chain mesh. The doors and gates are delivered with interlocks for security reasons. The goods lift can be mounted on an existing wall or be freestanding.

We have many years of experience in manufacturing goods lifts and can guide you to find exactly the solution that suits your business. Often there may be restrictions on the space for a goods lift or your product may require special dimensions or greater capacity. Either way, we can deliver exactly the goods lift that suits your workflow and needs.

Please call us on tel. +45 9886 4900 if you have any questions about which goods lift we can supply or need further details.

Looking for more information about a goods lift or warehouse lift? Or do you want to buy a goods lift? Call us at +45 9886 4900.

Where can you use a goods lift

A goods lift is a lifting table that is widely used in many industries and workplaces. A very few examples of this are warehouses, productions factories, storage facilities, and distribution centers. Whenever large pieces of equipment or goods are being transported between level a goods lift will easily make working conditions better. An operator can easily fill the goods lift with pallets, large products and more just using a hand pallet jack or a pallet lifter. Click here and read a case about an auto education center that uses a goods lift to lift car engines to the first floor.

We can manufacture a goods lift that fits into your workplace both in measurements but also aesthetically. Let us make a goods lift that blends in with the industrial background, the white surfaces, or even a glass shafted version to make the goods lift look good. No matter which version you choose that lift is robust, sturdy, and reliable. It is built on our scissor lift construction.

translyft goods lift


One of our customers have already invested in a goods lift and in return doubled their capacity. Read more in our case here.

Case: Food Processor doubles capacity

Translyft 3d drawing of goods lift

Safety is essential

In any TRANSLYFT buy, lifting safety is paramount. As a result, our tables have a lot of standard safety features and there are a lot of different accessories that you can add to make your goods lift perfectly safe for your specific workplace and workflow. All the TRANSLYFT goods lifts are CE labelled and designed to meet the European lifting table safety level (EN 1570).

TRANSLYFT goods lifts come with a number of basic safety features. A safety trip bar is located on the goods lift's outer side. If anything hits the safety trip bar the goods lift will stop making sure thar clamping incidents are avoided.

We have solenoid valves fixed on the cylinder that block oil and allow the platform to stop in the event of a hydraulic system breakdown.

Service locks are often used to keep the goods lift in place as it is being repaired or serviced. Learn more about Translyft's product quality.

Want to know more about our safety features and your options? Call us at +45 9886 4900 or fill in the contact form below and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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Goods lifts and ergonomics

It is not recommended that heavy items or commodities be carried up or down stairwells between floors, as this can be dangerous. A goods lift will prevent this from happening. Holding people and goods apart in a busy office where goods are moved from one floor to the next is often a smart idea.

When heavy loads are raised in the workplace, a goods lift is a dependable and stable solution that makes daily operations easier and helps prevent injuries.

A goods lift eases the work for your employees. Avoiding heavy repeated lifting between levels and other strains on their bodies makes their health that much better and you can be sure to have your staff for many years to come without having to deal with small and large injuries to backs and knees leading to MSD’s. Learn more about ergonomics here:


translyft icon for safety
Translyft Trippel scissor lifting table

Trippel scissor lifting table 

Goods lift with shafts

Goods lift with shafts

Translyft Loading bay

Loading bay 

Please call us at tel. +45 9886 4900 if you have any questions about which goods lift we can supply or need further details.

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Ease the work and increase efficiency

Lifting tables have been invented to ease physical work for employees, avoid injuries due to overload while increasing efficiency. Here you can read more about back pain, lost working days and ergonomics:

White paper on ergonomics

picture showing how to and how not to lift


TRANSLYFT can deliver spareparts to all our lifting tables

Whether it is a cylinder, oil or wheel that needs to be changed, we have it in stock so we can send it to you quickly. Write to our spareparts  mail or contact Michael at tel. +45 9647 4623

different spareparts for lifting tables

Bespoke solutions  

Did you not find a product that fit your exact needs? TRANSLYFT are experts in both small and large adjustments of our products so please do not hesitate to give us a call and hear more.

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Surface Treatments

TRANSLYFT can manufacture most products in stainless steel, galvanized steel and painted. Read more about the three surface treatments here

Surface treatments

stainless steel surface

Please contact us. Send a query or ask a question.