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Pallet trolley

A pallet lifting trolley is simply a wheeled trolley constructed to lift and move pallets within a facility’s premises. It also goes by various different names, such as pallet truck or pallet jack.

The main purpose of the pallet trolley is to transport pallets on short distances, mostly indoors. It is used for carrying stock cross-departments. Our pallet lifting trolley can withhold a weight of 1000 kg.

Its features are mostly utilized for picking activities, including picking boxes and pieces, especially when handling palletized loads.

Where to use a pallet trolley

The device will find its use in all parts of a warehouse, at a packaging site, reception and dispatch as well as storage. Essentially every type of warehousing activity at certain step requires a pallet trolley assistance.

Regardless of the industry, whether it is logistics, system integration, food or pharmaceutical a pallet trolley is an equipment necessary for every workplace.

When fairly small volume is to be transported on a rather short distance a pallet lifting trolley is the right choice. When an operation is simple and only required transporting a load for example in between supermarket shelves a forklift would be too big and would make the operation unnecessarily complex.

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Ease to use

The handle at the front allows to lift or lower the load placed on the pallet trolley. It is highly important to have the trolley equipped with an ergonomically designed handle. It makes it comfortable for the operator to use, without taking a strain on the hand when in use. A well-designed handle is extremely important for the employee’s comfort and safety.

It provides hassle free performance owing to its sturdy structure. The pallet trolley is a low maintenance equipment.

The risks associated with heavy lifting are eliminated due to the reliable structure of our pallet lifting trolley. Any strain on the back or muscles is reduced as the load safely sits on the forks.


A pallet trolley is powered by a hydraulic lift able to lift to 1000 Kg. Which is more than enough to be able to perform any standard warehousing operations. When receiving goods, organizing, and stocking the inventory it is essential to equip the warehouse crew with fitting machinery. The employees handling packages and heavy loads each day in order to perform their daily tasks need to have a safe and secured workspace.

Translyft pallet trolley is painted in a heavy duty finish. Although, if you need to handle food, fish or chemical supplies, etc., we are able to supply pallet trolley in a stainless steel finish  ensuring proper hygiene and efficient cleaning, especially when dealing with strict sanitation requirements. A galvanized solution  is also available and is mostly used for using outdoor. We are also certified to design and manufacturer an ATEX solution . We are certified to design and produce a solution you need.

Guaranteed quality

Our pallet trolley has been designed and manufactured in Denmark, ensuring the highest quality and sturdiness you need. We can provide you with all necessary documentation. TRANSLYFT products comply with all European standards.

We take care of all the safety details so you can focus on the business.

You are welcome to contact our sales team and discuss any alterations you may require. We believe that each product is unique, and we aim to satisfy your requirements. The technical team can prepare detailed technical drawing as well as 3d models of your project so you will gain a clear overview of the expected end result.

A smart purchase over time proves to be a saving. When buying a quality product, you can expect a reliable, long-lasting solution that will be in your use for long years. You can read more about the Return on investment (ROI) here:

White paper: Elevate your ROI with lifting equipment

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