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Cleaning efficiency, cleaning effect and the world’s only hygienic scissor lift table

Anyone working in an environment where hygiene is an essential part of everyday life knows about the efforts to avoid bacterial formation and ensure a clean end product. Here you get a quick overview of the importance and essentials for cleaning efficiency and cleaning effect as well as the history of the world's only hygienic scissor lift concept.

Cleaning Efficiency

Cleaning efficiency is about being able to clean in the most efficient way in the shortest time . Here, special attention is given to the time that the complete foaming takes. It is essential to be able to easily reach all corners with the cleaning foam so that the chemical process can work optimally and remove all impurities from the scissor lift table. A visibly clean table is the first objective assessment of effective cleaning.

If the table is not cleaned optimally, product residues will accumulate, which will form the basis of bacterial deposits. If all the deposits are removed, the disinfection can work most efficiently and dispose of the last invisible bacteria.

Basic requirements for a high cleaning efficiency:

  • You can see the impurities on the table
  • The surface can be easily cleaned
  • No irregularities after corrosion
  • Easy access to the area that is being cleaned
  • Being able to reach the impurities with detergent
  • Inspect the table after cleaning
  • Possibility of physical cleaning (brush) if necessary

Cleaning Effect

A good cleaning result can best be achieved when the cleaning foam’s effect is good and efficient.  The highest efficiency gives the best effect.

You should end up with a scissor lift table 100% free of harmful microorganisms, which is possible, but requires an efficient disinfection process as the last step in cleaning. This disinfection effect is invaluable to the company and saves costs.

No hidden corners

It's simple: If you see the impurities, you can easily remove them when cleaning. You get the most optimal cleaning by avoiding non-visible angles because difficult hidden corners increase the risk of product deposits with bacterial growth, which can result in cross contamination or end product contamination.

Never previously, in the scissor lift industry, has a thoroughly fashioned hygienic design considered the strict requirements for purity and hygiene in both food, pharma and clean room environments and with our in-depth knowledge of stainless steel, we decided that TRANSLYFT should be first with a hygienic design: TRANSLYFT Hygienic Design .

The world's only scissor lift in hygienic design

TRANSLYFT has developed the only ergonomic, hygienic scissor lift concept in the world. With cleaning efficiency and cleaning effect in mind, we have analyzed the risks associated with an ordinary stainless steel scissor lift, redesigned the solution, tested it and adjusted the design again to ensure the most efficient cleaning effect on the scissor lift. We have worked from the premise that blind corners must be eliminated and therefore we made all surfaces easily accessible .

After countless tests and a collaboration with The Danish Technological University on improving cleaning efficiency and cleaning effect, we have arrived at the current state-of-the-art hygienic scissor lift, which in the future will also be continuously developed and customized to give you the most hygienic lifting solution .

Design details

We have made slots in the top plate , making it easier to clean the table and we have removed hard-to-reach corners plus we have an open safety trip bar to minimize the risk of bacterial formation under the table.

There are drain holes in the bottom plate so possible residues can be washed off more easily. It is also possible to replace the base frame with a rail system.

Cleaning Position

The table can be raised to an angle of at least 45 degrees so that it is possible to clean the underside of the top plate and it is easy to get to the otherwise hidden corners on the scissor lift table.

These details optimize the cleaning process, the hygiene level improves, and you save up to 50% in cleaning time and cost on water and detergent .

At TRANSLYFT we know that every lift is unique, and therefore a hygienic scissor lift table will be a unique combination of components that fits the product you work with in your company.

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