Lifting table 500 kg

A lifting table with a 500 kg capacity is a type of equipment used for lifting and positioning heavy loads. It is designed to provide a stable and safe platform for lifting and moving heavy items, such as machinery, equipment, and pallets.

The table typically consists of a hydraulic or electric lift mechanism that can be operated with a foot pedal or a control panel. The lift platform is made of sturdy materials such as steel or aluminum to support the weight of the load.

The 500 kg capacity means that the lifting table can support up to 500 kilograms or 1100 pounds of weight. It's important to note that the maximum capacity of the table should not be exceeded to avoid accidents or damage to the equipment.

Lifting tables with a 500 kg capacity are commonly used in manufacturing, warehousing, and logistics operations where heavy loads need to be lifted and moved safely and efficiently.

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SR 500
Translyft budget small lifting table
Capacity:500 kg
Movement:600 mm
Min. height:160 mm
Max height:760 mm
Length:900 mm
Width:600 mm
Price 1.910 €
Excl. VAT and shipping
TR 500
Translyft small lifting table
Capacity:500 kg
Movement:550 mm
Max height:710 mm
Length:900 mm
Width:650 mm
Price 3.205 €
Excl. VAT and shipping
SZ 500
Translyft lifting trolley
Capacity:500 kg
Movement:595 mm
Min. height:285 mm
Max height:880 mm
Length:855 mm
Width:500 mm
Price 810 €
Excl. VAT and shipping

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