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Level of hygiene

It is not easy finding the right lifting product for food, drinks, pharma and cleanroom environments.

Firstly you need to establish which level of hygiene is needed for the workspace (see picture above). Depending on where in the production facility you are there are several options. In reception and dispatch a painted model is likely to do the job while a lifting table in the middle of the production line would often call for a stainless steel or Hygienic Design solution.

Then there are regulations to take into consideration. Contamination risks are a no-go and the products ability to be cleaned is very important. Furthermore, there is the need for ergonomic solutions to make sure that the employees are taken care of.

The product needs to be hygienic and corrosion resistant as well as reliable, safe and strong. And these are just to mention a few of the considerations to be handled. Luckily Translyft has more than 50 years’ experience with lifting solutions for these industries.

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The challenges

In for example the food industry there are many repetitive tasks such as lifting, tipping and rotating movements that quickly can wear out even a machine. That is why the solutions needs to be reliable and sturdy.

The food, drinks, pharma, and cleanroom industries often take place in acidic or saline environments which is highly corrosive.

With the intensive cleaning procedures many metals are not compatible with tasks in these industries. See our white paper on cleaning efficiency and cleaning effect here: 

White paper: Cleaning efficiency and cleaning effect

Stainless steel is the answer to all of this . It is stronger than most other metals. It is corrosion resistant and can handle the tough environments. It is easy to clean because the surface roughness is low, and it can withstand the tough cleaning procedures again and again. Stainless steel also ensures high product purity and does not react chemically with any food or liquid.

Two types of stainless steel

There are different types of stainless steel alloys that make them optimal for different environments. At Translyft we offer two types of stainless steel: Aisi 304 and Aisi 316. Both are hygienic, durable, heat resistant, corrosion resistant and perfect for food, drinks, pharma, and cleanroom environments.

The Aisi 304 alloy contains 18% chromium and 10% nickel and is highly corrosion resistant. It is the most commenly used and appropriate for the food, drinks and sometimes the pharmaceutical industry.

The Aisi 316 contains 17% chromium, 12% nickel and 2,2% molybdenum. It is advised to use this alloy in very corrosive environments with high chloride or sulfhuric acid hazards. We also recommend this solution for offshore solutions and industries near the coast because acids in salt water also increases the risk of rust and tarnish.

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