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Platform goods lift 

A Goods lift is a lift for moving goods easily between level in your workplace. This type of lift has many names and can also be called a between level lifter, a mezzanine lift, warehouse lift, freight elevator, cargo lift or a platform goods lift

The goods lift is an ergonomic scissor lift that spares your employees for many bends and lifts and increases productivity because it is a fast way of getting goods from one level to the next for storage, production line or in a warehouse.

Production facilities comes in various sizes and maybe quirks. Therefore, you can get a platform goods lift in exactly the size and with the capacity you need. Our standard lifts can lift between 500 – 10.000 kg and travels between 550 - 7000 mm. The length and the width of the platform is also easy to customize to you needs but our standards are from 900 mm – 4000 mm in length and 650 – 3000 mm in width. For any other measurements and capacities please give us a call at tel.:

+45 9886 4900 and we will find the perfect goods lift for your workflow.

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We produce goods lifts in painted steel, galvanized steel, or stainless steel. A goods lift in a painted version is often used indoor with goods not related to food.

A galvanized steel goods lift is recommended for outside use because this type of steel does not rust and therefore lasts much longer in any type of weather.

A stainless steel goods lift is mostly used in hygienic areas such as in the food industry, the pharmaceutical industry in in clean rooms.

TRANSLYFT is also certified to make explosionproof goods lifts for ATEX zones . We can produce for zone 1, 2, 21 and 22. Send us a mail at or call us at +45 9886 4900 to hear more about our ATEX solutions for goods lifts.

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It is easy to customize your goods lift with the accessories that make it safe and optimizes the work flow the best way possible. The most common accessories to secure the load on the platform goods lift when it is moving are rails, gates, kick plate and tear drop plate.

Also, different types of guarding around the scissor is popular because it ensures safety for the employees working around the goods lift. There are several possibilities for securing the scissor on the goods lift. This can be done with chain mesh, bellow, roller blinds or having shafts around the lift.

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We have several cases regarding goods lifts in different workplaces. Click here to see them:


Safety is important for goods lifts 

Safety when lifting is key in any purchase from TRANSLYFT. Therefore, there are a lot of standard features on our tables and many options to consider making your goods lift as safe as possible. At TRANSLYFT all our platform goods lifts are CE marked and manufactured according to the European safety standard for lifting tables (EN 1570).

Goods lifts from TRANSLYFT are equipped with several standard safety features. On the outer edge of the goods lift there is a safety trip bar which will stop the goods lift in anything pushes it upwards which will avoid clamping accidents.

In case of a hydraulic system failure we have solenoid valves mounted on the cylinder and this blocks oil and causes the platform to stop.

Service locks are also included to hold the goods lift during repairs and service of the goods lift. See more about safety on Translyft products .


There are different possibilities for service of your goods lift depending on where you live. Please contact your local TRANSLYFT agent and let them tell you more about your possibilities.

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Goods lift and ergonomics

Heavy items and goods should not be carried up or down stairs between levels as this can be hazardous. A goods lift can prevent this. In a busy workplace where goods are being moved from one level to the next it is often a clever idea to keep people and goods separate. A goods lift is a safe and stable solution that will make the daily tasks easier and help prevent hazardous situations when carrying heavy loads in the work place.

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Goods lifts for new constructions

If you need a goods lift for a new building, we can provide the material you need for the drawings to be authenticated. We know that precise delivery is key when building new workplaces. Just let us quote the size, capacity and travel that is needed for the lift and we will make sure to deliver the goods lift on schedule.

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We have more than 50 years’ experience with manufacturing goods lifts. Our engineers and sales managers have extensive knowledge about the possibilities with both standard and custom-made goods lifts. If you have any questions regarding goods lifts or want to know more about the possibilities and accessories? Do not hesitate to give us a call at +45 9886 4900.

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