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Hydraulic lift tables

A hydraulic lift table is a very popular piece of equipment. You simply place a product upon the platform and lift or lower to the height of your desire. A hydraulic lift table is easy to use and can be used for almost anything making it a favored product. It can be used in almost any industry from the food industry, the wood industry to the metal industry and energy industry just to mention a few.

Hydraulic lift tables are an ergonomic table to work from. You raise or lower the platform to give you the best working height to do your job most efficiently. Most hydraulic lift tables have a steering with just two options: up or down. This makes it simple to operate and easy for one operator to do so.

One of the many qualities in a lifting table is its ability to raise even considerable objects efficiently and safely with easy. This makes the operators job effortless and s(he) does not have to worry about heavy lifting, straining, and bending to lift heavy loads.

Our hydraulic lift tables are very flexible and used for many types of work mostly for maintenance, repairs, or packaging tasks. A hydraulic lift table is a solid solution when safety for the working employees is a concern.

translyft hydraulic lift tables

See how a hydraulic lifting table can be accessorized.

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Standard products

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A hydraulic lifting table can lift your product to the best working height for any employee. The movement of the table is upwards in a straight line. However, we can customize the movement to meet other needs.

Better health and safety with a hydraulic lift table

Translyft hydraulic lift tables can increase efficiency and help to avoid injuries like musculoskeletal disorders (also known as MSD). If lifting equipment like hydraulic lifting tables are used to prevent the employees from lifting, bending, and twisting it will relieve them of the bodily stress that after several weeks/months/years of this can lead to MSD’s. You will get a happier and less fatigued work force that will last longer which saves you money from frequently hiring and training new staff.

Many may underestimate the cost of sick leave caused by MSD’s, but several studies have shown that it is a costly affair. In the UK workplace related injuries were estimated to cost £15.0 billion in 2017/2018. ( source ).

Therefore, it is worth considering ergonomic solutions if your employees do some of the following tasks several times a day:

  • bending, crouching, or stooping
  • stretching, reaching, and twisting
  • lifting heavy objects
  • pushing, pulling, or dragging heavy loads
  • constant or extreme force
  • repetitive work, specially while using the same muscles over and over
  • execute similar tasks for a long period of time
  • using hand-held power tools for a long time
  • driving long-distance or through rough landscape

( source )

We can equip your hydraulic lift table with any kind of safety equipment to make it as safe as possible for your employees within their workflow. 

See a case about how these companies have bought a hydraulic lifting table or hydraulic work platform to adapt their workspace to a safe and efficient workflow.

Case: Translyft is raising the racing team

Case: Working vertically instead of horizontally

Overcome your challenges 

Hydraulic scissor lift tables from Translyft overcome many different challenges such as level differences, transfers from ground to mezzanine floors, bringing the products to the right work height on the ground or lifting the employee up to the right height on a work platform. All these options have these common grounds: ergonomics and efficiency.

A hydraulic lifting table improves both health and safety, optimizes workflow and gives happy employees as they do not have to worry about heavy lifting.

We offer three lines of products: Our standard line which is extra robust, our Silverline budget lifts and our hygienic line that is perfect for cleanrooms, the food and pharmaceutical industry.

We offer products in painted steel, galvanized steel, and stainless steel. Furthermore, we are also certified to design and produce ATEX equipment .

Safety with hydraulic lifting tables

Translyft and safety goes hand in hand. We follow the machine directive and the EN 1570 to make sure that safety is priority. Off course there are safety features included such as the safety trip bar that avoids clamping accidents. Service locks are installed to secure the hydraulic lift table during service and maintenance to avoid any injurious while this work is being done.

Furthermore, it is easy to equip your hydraulic lift table with extra safety features. You can secure the scissor making sure that nobody gets near the most dangerous part of the table. This can be done with bellows, roller curtains or chain mesh. You can also secure the top of the table to make sure that neither goods nor people can fall of the table. This can be done with rails, gates, and kick plates.

With the right accessory you can also make your hydraulic lift table extra flexible. Flex stairs are a popular choice making it easy to access the lift at any height without having to lower or raise the lift to climb off if you need extra equipment to do the job at hand. This is excellent for efficiency.

You can see much more about the possibilities of accessorizing your hydraulic lift table here


Hydraulic lift tables have many advantages

Lifting heavy loads is one of the many advantages of hydraulic lifting tables. At an affordable price you get great value for money and our hydraulic lifting tables are made to last. We often have customers contacting us for spare parts for lifting tables that are more than 20 years old. We deliver good quality, better efficiency and better health and safety.

The versatility of a hydraulic lift tables also makes it applicable for many workstations in a work flow.

We know that every lift is unique, and each workspace has its own challenges. Let us help you find the right hydraulic lift table for your workspace.

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