What is a goods lift?

A TRANSLYFT a goods lift is a lifting platform that helps in an ergonomic way, transportation of material from one level to another. Goods lifts are for use between different levels and mezzanines up to 4500 mm and are based on our scissor construction. A goods lift is especially handy in a warehouse or in a retail business where large quantities of products have to be transported from one height to the other.

A TRANSLYFT goods lift improves both efficiency and productivity while relieving your employees from everyday stresses caused by bending and lifting. As a goods lift can carry many pallets of goods at a time you save time and heightens efficiency.

A goods lift is a safe and stable solution that lasts for many years.

TRANSLYFT goods lift

Most sold models for goods lifts

A goods lift is most often a lifting table equipped with accessories to meet both your specific needs and legal requirements.

These three models are most often used for goods lifts. 

Trippel scissor lifting table 

Mast lift 

Loading bay 

More than 50 year's experience 

We have many years of experience in manufacturing goods lifts and can guide you to find exactly the solution that suits your business. Often there may be restrictions on the space for a goods lift or your product may require special dimensions or greater capacity. Either way, we can deliver exactly the goods lift that suits your workflow and needs.

Please call us on tel. +45 9886 4900 if you have any questions about which goods lift we can supply or need further details.

Translyft goods lift in warehouse

Goods lift options

We deliver both standard and bespoke goods lifts and regardless of specifications the starting point is a strong construction, easy maintenance and safety.

The goods lift can be delivered complete with shaft, doors, gates, handrail, scissor protection such as bellow or chain mesh. The doors and gates are delivered with interlocks for security reasons. The goods lift can be mounted on an existing wall or be freestanding.

Please call us at tel. +45 9886 4900 if you have any questions about which goods lift we can supply or need further details.

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