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Conveyor lifts

Repetitive handling of products and too much lifting and twisting is not healthy for the human body. However, lifting tables and roller conveyors are built for just this task. Joining the two you get a smooth operation. A roller conveyor can easily drive the flow of materials and make the workflow more efficient. 

We know that every lift is unique and that every workspace has their own requirements. All our models are highly flexible which makes it easy to find the perfect solution for your conveyor lift solution. We have great expertise with roller conveyors and offer both driven and non-driven roller conveyors to meet you exact needs.

Furthermore, we can supply your solution with automatic photocells that can control the lifting table for automated indexing up/down.

TRANSLYFT lifting tables are all CE marked and follow the safety regulations for lifting tables EN 1570.

translyft scissor lift with roller conveyor

Linear actuated lifting table 

We also specialize in linear actuated lifting tables which is a lifting table that is spindel driven. This solution is usually also equipped with roller conveyors but has xtra precision, maintains height position and the risk of oil spills is non-existent. 

We can deliver this solution in painted or stainless steel. 

You can see much more about it here

Product: Linear actuated lifting table

translyft Linear actuated lifting table

Our low profile lifting tables can also be equipped with roller conveyoers

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