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Terms of sale

Sales, payment and delivery terms


Purchase agreement between customer and TRANSLYFT Lifting Technology, Unit 6, Shipston Business Village, Tilemans Lane, Shipston-on-Stour, Warwichshire, CV36 4FF.

Business registration number: 5257138, VAT number 903 0116 85

The following sales, payment and delivery terms apply between buyer and seller if they are not waived by other written agreement between the parties.

1 - Prices

The prices mentioned are in British pounds excl. VAT and are stated as fixed prices. However, TRANSLYFT A/S is entitled to regulate the prices as a result of changes in customs, tax, exchange rates, taxes and the like that take place at the time of delivery.

Similarly, extraordinary increases in raw materials due to outside events that could not be foreseen at the conclusion of the agreement.

2 - Payment

In the web shop you can pay with VISA, Mastercard, JBC, American Express and Maestro. In connection to card purchases, payment will be deducted upon shipment from the factory. There is also the possibility of receiving an invoice for payment.

If nothing else is agreed, the payment terms are in cash at the receipt of the goods. Buyer is not entitled to withhold payment on the basis of any claim or any child. If payment is not made in time, interest will accrue with 2.0% for each commencement month.

TRANSLYFT retains ownership of the goods sold until the total purchase price plus all accrued costs and interest is paid.

3 - Shipping

In the webshop, the freight price of the lifting table is stated (1-5 tables £125). The price is based on shipment from the factory.

Silverline lifting tables are shipped within 24 hours (weekdays) if the lifting table is in stock.

When buying more than 5 lifting tables in the webshop please contact us at tel. 0870 904 7775.

4 – Delivery

The buyer is only entitled to cancel the transaction if the delay occurs more than 14 days beyond the agreed delivery date. It is also a condition that the buyer advises immediately when the agreed delivery time has been exceeded.

A condition for claiming compensation is that TRANSLYFT A/S already knew that the delivery time could not be met at the order confirmation date. TRANSLYFT A/S assumes no liability for indirect losses caused by late delivery.

Delivery includes only those in the tender, order confirmation, expressly specified entries; including equipment and any services for later delivery.

5 - Right of withdrawal

The customer has a 14-day cancellation right. Shipping costs for returning are paid by the buyer.

Products which are specially designed according to customer specifications, are not returned.

6 - Order

Any order is considered as an offer by the buyer and requires order confirmation from TRANSLYFT A / S.

7 - Errors and defects

TRANSLATION guarantees that products are free of material defects in design, materials and performance for 12 months after delivery. For parts that are replaced under warranty, the warranty period is 12 months from the date of replacement, however, a maximum of 24 months from initial delivery.

The provision is conditional on TRANSLYFT A / S's warranty provisions and service being complied with. Remedy takes place in accordance with the provisions of NLM 94.

8 - Exchange

When replacing used equipment, the risk only passes to TRANSLYFT A/S by the physical handover of the material. It is the responsibility of the owner to deliver the second-hand equipment in the same condition as it was on the day of delivery of the product.

Maintenance and repair costs until delivery are thus provided by the owner.

9 - Force majeure

Any delivery is subject to delay due to strike or lockout, war, mobilization, seizure, currency restrictions, transport barriers, fire, insurgency and unrest, delay or defective delivery from subcontractor in spite or timely and correct order from TRANSLYFT A/S or others causes outside of TRANSLYFT A/S 'control.

Circumstances, as mentioned, which occurred prior to the conclusion of the agreement, including liability only if their performance could not be foreseen at the time of the agreement.

10 - Opportunity

If you have a complaint about our products, please send a complaint to the Competition and Consumer Agency, Carl Jacobsens Vej 35, 2500 Valby, www.forbrug.dk

11 - Offers

All offers are valid for 10 days from issue - unless otherwise stated. The delivery times stated in the offer are subject to changes in the delivery period from TRANSLYFT A/S suppliers and for intermediate sales.

12 - Liability for property damage caused by the material (product liability)

TRANSLYFT A/S is not responsible for damage caused by the material:

A: on real estate or movable property, which commences while the material is in the possession of the buyer.

B. on products produced by the buyer, or on products in which are included, or for damage to property or movable property caused by these products as a consequence of the material.

In no case is TRANSLYFT A/S responsible for operating losses, lost profits or other financial consequence loss.

The mentioned restrictions in TRANSLYFT A/S do not apply if the company