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Lifting trolley

TYPE: Trolley lift
Specification range See Technical specifications for details
Capacity:350 - 500
Travel:595 - 940
Closed height:285 - 360
Length:855 - 900
Width:500 - 512
Surface treatment
Better manual handling

Better manual handling

Technical specifications

TRANSLYFT standard program
Type Capacity kg (kg) Travel mm (mm) Closed height mm (mm) Total raised height mm (mm) Length mm (mm) Width mm (mm) Lifting time (sec) Motor kW (kW) Weight kg (kg)
SZD 350 350 940 360 1300 900 512 - Manual -
SZ 500 500 595 285 880 855 500 - Manual -

Lifting trolleys are perfect for simple cargo handling.

Our lift trolleys travel from 595 to 940 mm and have a load capacity of 350 - 500 kg. The lifting trolleys come with large wheels at the front and easy-to-handle swivel wheels with brakes at the rear. A foot pump lets you safely and easily adjust the height.

The surface is in grey RAL 7031.

The lifting trolleys are especially suitable for companies where lifting, transporting or adjusting the working height is an everyday challenge.

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What is a lifting trolley or trolley lift?

A lifting trolley or trolley lift is a mobile lifting table with a lowering function that allows the individual employee to work with heavy products at the correct ergonomic working height. The lifting trolley is powerful and reliable and can e.g. also be used as a workbench or for stacking.

A lift truck is usable wherever there is a need for regulation of working height and lifting and transport of various products. A lifting trolley increases productivity by easing both the work and the product move. A lifting trolley can be used in almost every industry for easier lifting.

See a video about lifting trolleys when clicking the red arrow on the picture  >>>

Lifting trolley in action

See a video of how to use the lifting trolley.

Easy to maneuver

The trolley lift has large wheels at the front and smaller, swiveling wheels with brakes at the rear, making it easy to transport and maneuver around with products from one place to the next while avoiding heavy lifting and twisting. The brake makes it safe to position the lift truck without having to worry about it rolling.

Lifting trolleys come in many different designs and with different capacities from e.g. 200 - 800 kg. Most often they can be found in a model with double scissors if additional travel is needed. The most common model is manual, which means it is operated via a foot pump.

A lifting trolley is a good investment because it gives employees the optimal working conditions by working with products at the most ergonomically correct working height. At the same time, the employee avoids heavy lifting, twisting and back pain. Furthermore, relieving employees from physical exertions increases their job satisfaction and reduces missed workdays.

At TRANSLYFT we have many years of experience with lifting trolleys / trolley lifts and know exactly where in a warehouse, production, library or other, they will be very useful.

Do you have any questions about lifting tables in general or are you considering whether a lift truck from TRANSLYFT is exactly the product you need to streamline the workflow of your company? Then please call us at tel.: +44 0870 904 7775 or fill in the contact form below and we will get in touch with you.

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