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Trolley and roll cage lifters

TYPE: lifting table
Capacity:500 - 1000 kg
Travel:830 - 900 mm
Closed height:130 -180 mm
Length:750 - 1300 mm
Width:350 - 800 mm
Surface treatment
Available in Hygienic Design

Available in Hygienic Design

Better manual handling

Better manual handling

Technical specifications

TRANSLYFT standard program
Type Capacity kg (kg) Travel mm (mm) Closed height mm (mm) Total raised height mm (mm) Length mm (mm) Width mm (mm) Lifting time (sec) Motor kW (kW) Weight kg (kg)
Roll cage lifter 500 900 130 2030 1430 985 20 0,75 -
Smoke trolley lifter 1000 830 180 1010 1300 800 18 0.75 175

Easily utilize the full capacity of your roll cages with our new Roll Cage Lifter or your smoke trolley. The lifters makes it safe and ergonomic to reach and fill both the top and the bottom of the roll cages and smoke trolleys before it goes into for instance into a smoker. Simply place the Roll cage directly on top of the lifter or roll the smoke trolley onto the platform via ramps and avoid awkward work positions and unnecessary pulling of heavy roll cages.

Both lifters have been designed with no closed corners making them easy to clean and sanitize. The Roll Cage Lifter

is ideal for the food industry or cleanroom environments.

The Roll Cage Lifter takes up very little space and is moveable making it perfect for smaller and interchangeable

workspaces. The lift comes with a special hook system that secures the roll cage while lifting. The

standard is designed for CC trolleys but the hook system can be adjusted to fit your needs.

The Smoke trolley lifter is designed with the TRANSLYFT Hygienic Design and can help you save cost and increase food safety. This assures a better hygiene chain and more efficient work place.

Our TRANSLYFT lifters are manufactures in stainless steel AISI 304, 316 or higher.

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