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Materials lifts

Material lifts and material handling lifts come in many shapes and forms.

For some it is distinguished by low capacity moveable lifts that improve the process of storing, controlling, moving, and protecting various goods, materials, and products in an ergonomically and efficient manner. It does so by lifting the material to the correct height or level, whilst being mobile, so it can be moved around for the next task. As such they help facilitate intralogistics in a safe, but also less static way, as fixed installations such as cranes are not needed.

Other times material lifts and material handling lifts are characterized by elevator type solutions or mast lifts that are used to transport and/or handle material between levels. These can typically handle up to several tons, whereas the mobile versions often work in the range of 40-250 kg. These lifts are not mobile but tend to have a much higher vertical travel.

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The advantages

The material lift solutions help relieve employees from having to carry heavy loads and transport materials and goods across e.g. warehouses or supermarket areas when stocking up the goods. They also make new floors or levels much more accessible by getting large volumes of materials and goods from one level to another in an easy and safe way. They make the task of transporting products or loading them easy and time efficient. The right material handling lift can substantially improve dynamics in a workplace as the ease of fulfilling daily tasks is significantly improved.

The strain of repetitive movements connected to heavy lifting or moving the loads across halls, warehouses or construction sites could be a crucial factor in deterioration of the employees health and well-being resulting in more sick leave and loss of resources.

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Mobile or static lift

The mobile and low capacity material lifts are great for short range transport and to correct height. Therefore, they are often used to transport materials throughout the process of manufacturing, distribution, consumption, and disposal, or simply get items from A to B in a safe and ergonomically correct way.

The static version of the material handling lifts is great for transporting goods and materials between levels. It might be taking goods or materials to the mezzanine level or between multiple floors. For safety reasons these lifts are often protected by a shaft, so people cannot enter the area of the moving lift, but also to ensure materials and goods do not fall of the lift. These lifts are only for the transportation of materials and goods and should not be confused with elevators for carrying people.

Lately we have been retrofitting a lot of these lifts in to older factories or buildings that have wanted to include new floors of their factories or buildings in to their operations and therefore have needed to transport materials with a material lift between floors.

In either case of material lift it is important to consider the environment that it is intended to be used in. Is it for outdoor usage or will it be used inside? This is important to the type of finish that is right for the material handling lift – painted, galvanized or stainless steel. Similarly, for any kind of parts that the lift should outfitted with, e.g. the finish of the cylinders or the IP-ratings of any electric components. Even down to the type of wheels that may be chosen for a material handling lift, high versatility and mobility, low noise, etc.

At Translyft we have a broad range of material handling equipment that can address several of the benefits listed above. From the mobile lifter addressing the quick internal transportation and lifting of smaller loads. Up to the mast lift that can take loads up to several tons from one and up to multiple levels.

Also, other solutions such as the mobile scissor lifts or our TSL pallet lifter are great material handling lifts. As with any of our products we pride ourselves in ensuring the right solution for the task and are happy to construct the right lift to suit your bespoke need.

We have a broad network of agents all over Europe and several other destinations in the world that are ready to help you. The assessment of the right solution is the most vital part of the purchase, so you can get a return on your investment in your workplace’s future and your employee’s well-being the first time around.

The knowledge and expertise of our sales team will certainly help you whether you have doubts regarding which material lift is the right one for you or you simply do not know which one could optimize your operations in the best possible way.

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