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Lifting tables

- reduce manual lifts and increase efficiency

A scissor lift table, or a lifting table, as it is also called, is a work table that can be raised and lowered to the desired position, thus making working with heavy elements more ergonomic and reducing the need for many repeated and manual lifts. It uses a straight-line upwards motion. A scissor lift is a safe and reliable solution that last for many years.

A lifting table has many nicknames such as lift table, scissor table or hydraulic lifter. The scissor reference comes from the fact that the table is constructed with two scissor arms that run parallel which gives a smooth movement.

Potential use of the lifting table includes warehouse, production line, construction site or any other location where lifting goods or people is necessary. 

The table can be adjusted to perform under almost any working circumstances, whether your task requires the lifting table to work with assembly, welding or handling parts and components. 

Our three main lines include: Silverline budget lifting tables, standard product line and the hygienic design and are available in different materials: stainless steel, galvanized steel and painted. Read more here .

The TRANSLYFT lifting tables comply with EN 1570 safety regulation, ISO 9001 and can be produced in ATEX   if requested.

TRANSLYFT lifting table with a pipe on the platform

Standard Products

The TRANSLYFT lifting tables, standard range contains more than 100 different types of products. Each of these can be adapted to the functionalities and procedures they are part of.

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Here are some of the most common questions and answers about lifting tables.

Advantages of a hydraulic lifting table

There are many benefits of a hydraulic lifting table. Among other things, a lifting table is designed to with-stand heavy loads over many years. We have many customers returning to us asking for spare parts for scissor lifts that are more than 15 years old.

How to use a lifting table

Essentially, you use a lifting table or a scissor lift, wherever there are issues with heavy lifting, inconvenient work positions or height variations. You place an object or pallet on the lifting table and lift it to the ideal working height for the employee working at the table. At a production line, the employee can, for example, pack the product in boxes at an ergonomically correct working height and avoid incorrect lifting and bending.

Of course the use varies depending on the type of lifting table solution. For instance, if you need a work platform for lifting the employee in height, a goods lift for transporting goods between levels or a loading bay that adjusts the height between a loading dock and a lorry.

Reduced physical strain has been proven to increase productivity, and working conditions improve which results in happier employees.

A double scissor lifting table from translyft


SWL means Safe Working Load and have to do with how you use your lifting table or scissor lift. The drawing below shows a more detailed description.

With an even load like figure a. the lifting table can handle 100% of the capacity. If your lifting table has a capacity of 2000 kg. you can make use of the entire capacity of 2000 kg.

If you only load the table on one end of the table the capacity will be adjusted downwards by 50% (figure b) and you will be able to lift 1000 kg. When the table is only loaded on the side the capacity is reduced by 33% and the lifting table can then lift approximately 666 kg (figure c).

SWL loading instructions

Accessories for a lifting table

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We know that every lift table is unique and therefore we have plenty of various accessories that can be added to your lifting table to fit it to your specific workstation and optimize your workflow. For example, you might have a lifting table that needs to be secured on two sides; or want photocell control on the table so that it adjusts in height according to how many boxes are on it; or maybe you need to be able to move the table around because your work often change.

 Here are some of the more popular options:

  • The lifting table can be mounted to the ground, hidden in a pit so it is visible only when in use, saving space and enabling free movement around the product.

  • It is possible to add a tilt feature to the hydraulic lifter in order to restricts reaching and bending motion of your employers. It allows the hydraulic lifting table to achieve the right tilt angle and height needed to perform the task and is popular for workstations where you need to work with many of the same objects in order to fulfill the task.

  • To make manual handling tasks easier the photocell  is a common accessory to add as it can adjust the height of the lifting table to recognize the perfect stack height for an employee or for recognizing the load.

  • You can also add a ramp to the lifting table which allows smooth access for a pallet lifter or roll cages to be place products or pallets onto the lifting table.

  • Roller conveyers on a lift allows products to be moved easily from one object to the next and is suitable for handling goods automatically or semi automatically allowing a seamless operation.

  • Sideways retractable platform allows the sideways movement in order to save time when performing a task at a height. Instead of coming down and physically moving the table the retractable platform is able to move sideways allowing a seamless operation.

You can see all the options for accessories here  and call us at 0870 904 7775   if you are looking for anything specific.

We know that every lifting table is unique. That is why we take the time to listen to your need so that we can deliver the perfect lifting solution for your workflow.

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