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Scissor lift table

The scissor lifts are lifting devices aimed to elevate or lower objects to the desired height. They are equipped with a work platform, allowing the operator to place various objects on the top of it. The scissor lift name comes from the arms that holds the construction, running parallelly, resembling a scissor. The lifting table is a necessity for each workplace dealing with any lifting-related operations.

Advantages of a scissor lift

The advantages of a scissor lifts are many and include better safety, improved work environment, increased productivity, and a happier workforce. Moreover, a scissor lift table is very durable, and a lot of our customers return for spare parts more than 20 years after they have purchased a lifting table from TRANSLYFT.

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video of a scissor lift table

See how we can adjust a scissor lift to your demands.

whisky barrel on translyft scissor table lift

TRANSLYFT scissor lift for whisky barrels 

See case here

translyft scissor lift helping in hospital

A scissor lift for servicing hospital beds

See case here

translyft scissor lift table in a zoo

A table scissor lift for treating animals at a ZOO

See case here

How to use a scissor lift table

The device is based on a hydraulic mechanism which enables a smooth and seamless process when lowering or elevating objects. The size and capacity of each table can be adjusted regarding to individual needs.

You place an object or pallet directly on the table scissor lift and the scissor lift raises the table to the right working height for the employee which depends on the height of the employee. After this the employee is now able to work with the product at an ergonomic height avoiding bending and twisting while working.

The use of a scissor lift can vary depending on the type purchased. A work platform  can raise the employee in stead of the product, a goods lift can transport products between levels and a loading bay  can adjust the height in terms of emptying a lorry easily. 

translyft scissor lift tables

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TRANSLYFT Standard products

Here are our standard scissor lift tables. Please note that each one of them can be adjusted to fit your exact needs.

Accessorize your scissor lifting table

There are many ways to customize your scissor lifting table according to the work flow and making sure that safety requirements are met. You can ad handrails and gates, kick plates, roller conveyors, automatic stop, photo cells, and weights just to mention a few. See all your options at our accessories page


A scissor lift is an investment

The costs associated with musculoskeletal injuries are a great sum in the long term.

According to the numbers for 2021/2022 provided by the Health and Safety Executive, issued by the United Kingdom’s government, total costs of workplace related injuries were estimated to be £20.7 billion ( 1 ).

There are risk factors causing MSDs in many types of work, so you should think about the risks of various tasks, depending on the work you do:

  • bending, crouching or stoopin
  • lifting heavy or bulky load
  • pushing, pulling or dragging heavy load
  • stretching, twisting and reaching
  • repetitive work, particularly using the same hand or arm action
  • sustained or excessive force
  • carrying out a task for a long time
  • work with display screen equipment
  • working with hand-held power tools for a long time
  • driving heavy vehicles, long-distance driving or driving over rough ground ( 2 )

At TRANSLYFT we want you and your company to optimize your workflow as best possible. That is why our sales team is highly knowledgeable in technical matters and can advice you the best solution for your workstation.

Work place injuries and their cost

50 years of expertise

At TRANSLYFT we understand that every lift is unique, and we pay attention to all the details necessary to meet your needs. The right advice is a key to success, and we take our time to understand each case for you to benefit to the fullest. At TRANSLYFT we live by creating close, long-lasting connections with our customers. The mutual trust and cooperation are an essential part of every relation and we do our best to maintain the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Our scissor lift tables are designed and produced in Denmark, ensuring the best quality and price to quality ratio. Here at TRANSLYFT, having 50 years of experience with lifting equipment, we take care of all the details so you can be sure that your money is invested well. The scissor lifting tables we offer are a long-term investment necessary at various locations.

elephant on translyft lifting table

Adjusted to your needs

Our scissor tables are available as both standard products and bespoke solutions. We provide a vast number of standard products, most of them are featured at our webpage. (see more here) The capacity, size and dimensions could be adjusted to fit your needs. TRANSLYFT’s scissor lifting tables can lift anything from 200 kg to 10 tons.

We offer three different surface options: painted steel, stainless steel, or galvanized steel as well as specific designs such as Hygienic Design or ATEX to answer your specific requirements. Whether it is a reception and dispatch, assembly, packaging, or storage area, we can recommend you the right product.

Our sales team is ready to take your call at +44 0870 904 7775 or fill in the form below and we will contact you. 

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translyft scissor lift mounted outside


SWL means Safe Working Load and have to do with how you use your lifting table or scissor lift. The drawing below shows a more detailed description.

With an even load like figure a. the lifting table can handle 100% of the capacity. If your lifting table has a capacity of 2000 kg. you can make use of the entire capacity of 2000 kg.

If you only load the table on one end of the table the capacity will be adjusted downwards by 50% (figure b) and you will be able to lift 1000 kg. When the table is only loaded on the side the capacity is reduced by 33% and the lifting table can then lift approximately 666 kg (figure c).

SWL loading instructions