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Electric mobile lifters

Specification range See Technical specifications for details
Capacity:125 kg
Travel:130 - 1500 mm
Lifting speed:18 sec.
Battery:2 x 12-10Ah
Lifts per charge:-
Surface treatment
Better manual handling

Better manual handling

Technical specifications

TRANSLYFT standard program
Type Capacity (kg) Travel (mm) Lifting speed (mm) Battery (mm) Lifts per charge (mm) - (mm) Lifting time (sec) - (kW) - (kg)
SV 150 150 1370 475 18 Battery -

Handling smaller loads is easy and efficient with this electric lift truck. You can lift with precision and minimal effort. Or you can simply move goods to the desired position.

The sturdy trolleys let you transport to a machine and mount them easily and accurately. Our electric mobile lift trucks make work easy, ergonomic and efficient and are used for material handling in various industries all over the world.

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If you're looking for a lifter that's both affordable and versatile, look no further than the TRANSLYFT mobile lifter. Lifting and moving heavy loads up to 125 kg is made simple and safe with the help of a mobile lifter. There are several applications for the mobile lifter's robust plastic platform, which may be used in practically any location and industry.

Getting started is easy. Just unbox the lifter, charge it and you are good to go. There is just one button to determine the height of the platform. As the machine is light it is easy to push it to the desired location to pick up or place the product being moved.

See a video about the use of the TRANSLYFT Silverline mobile lifter by clicking the red arrow on the picture   >>>

translyft mobile lifter

See a video the use of a mobile lifter

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