DE-LYFT Hebetechnik the best of two Worlds – Translyft and ADE

DE-LYFT Hebetechnik GmbH is the promising outcome and culmination of more than 20 years close cooperation between ADE-werk GmbH in Offenburg, Germany, and Translyft A/S in Dybvad, Denmark.

DE-LYFT Hebetechnik logo

As the name suggests DE-LYFT Hebetechnik GmbH will join the best of both Worlds. The sublime engineering skills and extensive knowledge of linear drive systems in lifting tables from ADE combined with the expansive portfolio of hydraulic lifters and efficient production setup from Translyft.

“When combined it is our perception that this will be the most complete lifting table portfolio on the market, covering both hydraulics, linear drive systems, stainless steel, ATEX, etc., which customers from both ADE and Translyft will benefit greatly from in the future.” 
Jens Egelund, CEO and co-owner of Translyft

Translyft has for a while seen an increasing demand in linear drive lifting tables, as more and more customers demand both increased precision and dependability, whilst avoiding oil and minimizing noise polution, and they are willing to pay the additional costs. It is also expected that this can be leveraged further in the ever-growing portfolio of stainless steel lifting tables of Translyft, as food and pharma customers become increasingly aware of the added benefits of better ergonomics and semi-automation in their production.

DE-LYFT Hebetechnik GmbH will be owned and operated by Translyft A/S, who takes over all the assets of the “Hebetechnik” business in ADE and has furthermore secured the key competences to continue to support customers in the new setup. Translyft has throughout the past been a longstanding supplier of hydraulic lifting tables to ADE and therefore knows both the team as well as the products and how to manufacture them.

ADE sees an opportunity in further focusing on their core competences in Drive Technology. Focus will be directed solely to Drive Technology which will allow them to invest, innovate and grow that part of the business more single-mindedly.

“ADE is pleased to have found a partner in Translyft who is committed to lifting technology and have lifting tables at the heart of their business, and we can therefore be sure that our lifting technology customers, will continue to be in good hands. We would like to thank everyone who has remained loyal to us in the past and we wish all of you all the best for the future.” 
Ralf Schaufuss, CEO ADE-WERK GmbH

An experienced team of former-ADE employees led by Mr. Heiko Knief, will continue to build, and strengthen the current lifting table relationships of ADE in the realm of DE-LYFT. To get in touch with team please contact them at: for general requests or for new quotations or ongoing projects.