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translyft lifting table with drain hose

Ergonomic and hygienic solution for zoos

A zoo needed a lifting table for treating animals. We made a stainless steel lifting table that made the work more ergonomically correct and the table easier to clean. The solution is popular and has been sold many times.

The challenge

The challenge was to have a table for the treatment of animals from the zoo. These animals are often large, and a lifting table was needed to place them on the table after stunning and to be able to work with them at the right working height. The table needed to be easy to clean.

The solution

The solution was a double horizontal stainless steel lifting table that lifts 2 tons. A stainless steel lifting table is sturdy and can handle intensive cleaning and disinfection. In addition, the lifting table had installed a drain that made it easy to clean after use. A drain hose can be fitted as needed.

The table was fitted with swivel wheels, so that one should not drag a potentially large, stunned animal too far. The wheels have brakes and a special brake pedal was also fitted.

The safety of the animal is very important and therefore you can attach 6 fixing posts on the platform when necessary to ensure that the animal will not fall of during treatments. The fixing posts are equipped with eye bolts to secure dangerous animals and thus secure the staff while they are working with the animal if the animal is to wake up ahead of schedule.

Translyft scissor lift table in assembly

The result

The drain and hose have increased cleaning efficiency and the table can be cleaned faster, so it is ready for the next patient. All in all, the table has saved both time and ensured good ergonomics.

The finished product was delivered and has made it much easier for the staff of the zoo to work with animals under stunning conditions. They avoid heavy lifting and have a better opportunity to work securely with the animal at the correct working height.

Translyft hygienic lifting table in zoo

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