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A 50-year-old changes pace: New beginning for Translyft

Translyft, the largest manufacturer of lifting tables in Denmark have set themselves to redefine the market which they have been part of for the last half century. Among other things, it’s about selling lifting solutions instead of lifting tables – and about what might be the world’s most hygienic lifting table.

The goal is set for the largest Danish developer and manufacturer of lifting tables, Translyft. They wish to become Europe’s leader in lifting solutions – not necessarily no. 1 in turnover or market share, but the company that sets the bar for the industry and creates new value with product innovation and new business models.

This is being told by CEO Jens Egelund, who became director and co-owner last year:

“To create value for the customers, one must have the courage to take the lead and develop new things that the market has not yet seen and dare to challenge the customer’s expectations in pursuit of the right solution that ultimately gives them most value with a lower “cost of ownership” and a holistic approach to solution sales. It requires consultation and innovation.”

Jens Egelund pointed out that Translyft have more than 50 years of experience with lifting tables and today has both production and a large development team consisting of industry specialists. In recent years, work has been done to change workflows and focus on the customers. -“I have not yet met a customer who is not grateful for advice and consultation.”, Says Søren Nejsum, Sales and Service Manager for Denmark.

From price to quality

The root of the Translyft journey was actually a small change that was made a year ago.

Shortly after Jens Egelund became the new Managing Director and co-owner he removed the Director’s offices and placed himself in the middle of the sales team. It was quite an eye opener for the director who came to Translyft from the diary giant Arla.

“I came from an industry where innovation, customer focus and value creation were all we talked about. Our customers spoke the same language and knew that the future was dependent on it. In the lifting industry, the primary discussion was whether it was possible to produce the customer’s solution and at the lowest possible price.”, Says Jens Egelund and continues:
” It’s incredibly frustrating to see the many poor solutions that customers have received that do not comply with health and safety regulations in EN 1570 (safety standards for lifting tables) because they chose a solution based on a small price reduction. It’s bad for the industry and not good for the customer.“

What might just be the world’s most hygienic lifting table

The changes at Translyft will become visible for the entire world within the next months.

One thing is that Translyft launches a new company identity with a new logo, marketing package and website. And even the blue-orange product colours have been changed to a modern steel-blue color, which fits in better with customers production lines.

But, most importantly, Translyft has changed its working methods and developed new product lines, and has just revealed one of these: Hygienic Design.

This might be the world’s most hygienic lifting table and Translyft has focused on optimizing hygiene and lowering operating costs in food or pharmacy production. This new concept reduces cleaning costs by up to 50% (use of time, water and detergent) and improves hygiene significantly.

– ”We set ourselves the goal to make the most hygienic lifting solution ever, and our tests show that we have succeeded. But security in the food industry, for example, can never be high enough, so we will keep innovating with our customers,” says Jens Egelund, who is looking forward to presenting more product news in the near future.

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