TRANSLYFT takes over agent in Benelux

The largest developer and manufacturer of lifting tables in Denmark has taken over its agent in the Netherlands - TRANSLYFT Benelux Erve TT. This is in line with TRANSLYFT's growth strategy.

“We are extremely pleased to welcome TRANSLYFT Benelux on board. It was a natural wish to merge the companies so we could expand our activities in the Benelux countries together,” says Jens Egelund, director and owner of TRANSLYFT.

The takeover fell into place at the end of 2019 and is effective from January 1st, 2020.

TRANSLYFT has more than 50 years of experience in the lifting industry and TRANSLYFT Benelux has been an agent for the past 17 years as a supplier to the automotive, pharmaceutical and food industries, among others. TRANSLIFT Benelux stands for approx. 7% of TRANSLYFT's turnover.

“Of course, we have high expectations of growing in the Benelux countries. A Sales office in Amsterdam provides the optimal starting point for this, and at the same time gives us better opportunities to support our partners in the surrounding countries,” says Jens Egelund.

The agreement means that Valentijn was there Erve, the former owner of TRANSLYFT Benelux, continues in TRANSLYFT.

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