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Goods lifts

made easy

Goods lift accessories

Hidral goods lift bumpers


Protects the goods lift from damage by pallet truck or forklift.

lights in a Hidral Goods lift


Lights inside the goods lift improves safety and work environment.

Control panel for Hidral goods lift

Control panel

The Hidral control panel is simple and easy to use.

Hidral goods lift with steel doors

Steel doors

The Hidral goods lifts are equipped with steel doors for the better strength.

Here you can download more information about the Hidral goods lifts or about the collaboration with Translyft

Hidral goods lifts

Hidral & Translyft

Here are the 4 main products that Hidral delivers

Vehicle lift goods lift with attendant

Goods lift with attendant

This allows the people responsible for handling of goods to travel with the goods.

Hidral goods lift

Goods lift

Transport your material from one level to another in an efficient and safe manner.

Hidral lift for vehicles

Vehicle lift

Transfer a car or other vehicles between levels - e.g. for apartment buildings or offices with parking garage.

Hidral accessibility lift

Accessibility lift

Ensures accessibility for people with disabilities in areas with stairs.

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