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Pallet Mover

All widely used names for the basic type of the forklift include a pallet mover, pallet jack, pump truck or a pallet lifter, a trolley fitted with wheels aimed at carrying and moving pallets.

Because the system is extremely convenient to use, they are commonly operated in warehouses, workshops, and factories across many different industries. Any area with a need to move loads from point A to B, especially within the premises of the plant, may benefit greatly from owning a pallet mover.

An perfect method for palletizing / depalletizing is the TRANSLYFT pallet mover. It is due to the very low height of the fork (about 85 mm) that a pit is not needed. It is fitted with an integrated control unit and has wheels so that it can be driven quickly. In addition, for a safer and more ergonomic working posture, it can be fitted with a tilt.

A pallet mover increases both quality and performance while relieving the workers from the constant pressures induced by unnecessary bending and lifting. When hard lifting and uncomfortable work positions pose a difficulty and even a danger to the employees' well-being, a pallet lifter will offer a remedy.

translyft pallet mover

Pallet mover or pallet scissor lift

Many individuals are familiar with pallet movers and their success as an important aid in daily life when shipping pallets with merchandise. The pallet truck is a simple, quick, and safe way to handle your products to discourage lifting and twisting in the rear, protecting the way workers lift. When heavy lifting is encouraged, productivity improves, and it is thus beneficial to invest in. The less pressure is exerted on the body of the workers, the more productive their job is when the energy is allocated to execute the task, not excessive motions that induce exhaustion.

Top 3 attributes

It is possible to distinguish a TRANSLYFT pallet mover lift from the standard, typical pallet lifter. 

TRANSLYFT pallet movers are specifically equipped for activities that require EUR pallets to be lifted, filled and unloaded.

Below, the top three features are listed:

  • Efficient ergonomics
  • Tilting alternative (Forks tilt 40 degrees on both sides, and it is possible to change both lift height and tip infinitely.) The tip feature provides a great deal of relaxation when placing small objects into tall containers. The distance that your workers need to reach is less and there is still a full description of the material in the container from the operator.
  • The free foot and leg space allows the pallet truck greater freedom of travel.
translyft pallet mover mounted on the floor

More on pallet movers

The pallet mover lifts suit almost every pallet size and have high capacity as well as exceptionally high output performance, as it is easy to remove heavy lifting and poor working positions. Right work posture avoids injury from repetitive fatigue and decreases absenteeism due to sickness and stress. The strengthened workflow is accomplished by the decreased strain on the physical state of a worker.

The pallet truck is mobile and simple to navigate, enabling sweeping around the machine, and many separate tasks can be conveniently covered by the pallet truck, making a pallet lifter's investment extra lucrative.

We develop our own lifting equipment at TRANSLYFT, and we can therefore satisfy special specifications and deliver personalized designs according to your needs. Before they are shipped out of the warehouse, we track the product from quotation to finished product and inspect every product.

For example, for handling a range of different pallet styles, we can provide pallet movers with different fork choices, such as interchangeable forks or adjustable width forks. The tailor-made pallet truck helps the machine being used in your business to be flexible.

The pallet movers come standard in painted steel, but are also available, depending on your tastes and requirements, in galvanized and stainless steel.

Our pallet movers are not just an investment in lift avoidance. To render working around the pallet simpler, it also offers free foot and leg space. Furthermore, a tilting movement solution is available as it significantly enhances the work process. Are you interested in learning more about our pallet mover?

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