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Manual scissor lift

A manual scissor lift is a small lifting machine used predominantly to handle small items within a small range. As the name suggests the lift is controlled manually. Its design makes it easy to maneuver and extremely stable. It is safe, reliable equipment that allows seamless operation of any given task. Having over 50 years of experience with lifting equipment we are able to provide high quality product. Our scissor lifts are manufactured in Denmark, where we have a complete overview of the production process, ensuring your purchase satisfaction.

The lift platform’s task is to elevate or lower objects to the desired height. It is designed to assist in daily tasks of simple cargo handling while maintaining a good working posture. The correct posture is extremely important while working with heavy objects, or simply when there is a need of supplementing height differences. Our manual scissor lift platform is designed to relief employees from awkward working positions, excessive bending and twisting while performing their job.

It can be used as a work platform, while maintaining ergonomic posture. Making the work process seamless and easy to perform. Even carrying objects at seemingly short distances is creating a certain strain on the spine, causing back pains, so common among the warehouse employees. Consequently, causing fatigue and various health issues in a long run, resulting in ineffective work process and even missed workdays.

The manual scissor lift required minimal maintenance and is extremely easy to operate. It can find its use in both workshop and warehousing activities as well as various industries. The manual lift is a great fit for a workplace where the lifting needs are not excessive, yet the everyday need of material handling emerges, making it rather fatiguing to perform in a long run. The example of usage is at banks, schools, laboratories, supermarkets, libraries, storage facilities, and many more.

Details of use and design

It is operated via foot pump and features our hydraulic scissor mechanism, ensuring sturdiness and reliability. Translyft manual scissor lift is easy to store when not used. Equipped in a lever, making it perfectly easy to bring the lift to the desired height. The steering wheels allow effortless transportation from point A to point B, e.g. at a factory floor.

The wheel guards ensure operator’s safety and lift being positioned in a desired location while performing a task. The manual scissor lift platform is mainly used for vehicle docking and loading, work positioning and handling of materials. Being portable, the equipment is pretty versatile, being able to accompany in a range of tasks.

Our manual scissor lift platform’s surface is powder coated in blue RAL 5002, which ensures a durable finish. It can also be manufactured in ATEX, Hygienic Design, galvanized steel, stainless steel and painted steel. Depending on the specifics of your workplace we can customize the product, so you receive the best value for money.

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