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Lift when packaging

When you package your goods it is very important that the room is optimally utilized, it is easy to maneuver with materials and handle the goods. In addition, there are many monotonous procedures and promises.

Therefore it is important to adjust the working height both to lift items at an ergonomically correct height and to adjust the work station to the different height of different employees.

Often, our low profile lifting tables are best suitable for palletizing. TRANSLYFT develops lifting tables that can be adjusted in both lifting capacity, lifting height and function. 

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translyft superlow lifting table

Superlow lifting table

translyft pallet lifter

Pallet lifter

translyft Double scissor lifting table

Double scissor lifting table

Bespoke solutions

Did you not find a product that fit your exact needs? TRANSLYFT are experts in both small and large adjustments of our products so please do not hesitate to give us a call and hear more.

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