Manufacturer of food packaging improves the work environment

The company "Berry Superfos, Randers" in Denmark, which produces injection molded packaging for food, needed solutions that could solve the challenges they had in filling labels in their machines. Our work platforms made the process more ergonomic and safe.

Translyft work platform in packaging firm

The challenge

Berry Superfos Randers is a busy company that produces packaging for food around the clock. Some of the products have labels embedded in the process. However, the process of filling labels into the machines was a challenge because it was inappropriate for both the employees' safety and ergonomics.

Previously, employees had to lift boxes of labels up a flight of stairs to be able to put labels in the machine, but this was not safe. At the same time, the machines had to be loaded with labels at several different heights, which resulted in many inappropriate working positions.

Employee working on translyft work platform

The solution

Translyft manufactured some smaller work platforms that have several built-in stops, which ensures that employees can work at an ergonomically correct working height, regardless of the height at which the labels must be filled.

The work platforms were placed by the machines instead of the stairs, and a table was put onto the platform so that both employee and labels are lifted to the correct height at the same time.

Employee sorting labels on the side table of a translyft work table

The result

The result was a safer workplace because the risk of falling on the stairs has been removed. At the same time, the many stops at different levels make it much more ergonomic to refill labels many times a day, and the employees are happy with the solution.

"We are very satisfied with the solution and are already in contact with TRANSLYFT to find solutions for similar processes in our production.” 

Henning Frederiksen, Project Manager

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