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Heavy lifting equipment

Heavy lifting equipment allows easy and safe elevating of solid objects to a desired height.

The purpose of the lift equipment is to allow an operator of a machine to safely lift and move any given load from point A to point B, or to lift loads, people, animals or any given object upwards in order to proceed with a task. Translyft has, for example, delivered a 2000 kg heavy lifting solution for a ZOO which allows the employees that are caring for injured animals to do so at a correct working height without having to bend or having to maintain bad working posture throughout the whole procedure of treating the animal. You can read more about it in our case:

Case: Zoo lifting table

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Safety in heavy lifting 

The main issue with lifting heavy equipment is making sure, that it is safe and that the operator and everyone involved are not in any risk. The responsibility of securing the whole operation is on behalf of the employer in charge because he needs to equip the employees with the right machinery. Although the employer is liable for the preparation, the employees are the ones working on the spot with the lifting equipment hence the ones held responsible for the course of events. Therefore, it is essential to carry out training courses preparing the workers to handle any lifting-related task they will approach in their professional life.

If the task of heavy lifting is carried out incorrectly the consequences might be overwhelming as both the worker and the lifting equipment may suffer a lot of damage. The results may include loss of health or even life and a tremendous amount of money spend on replacing both manpower and machinery. That is why all the lifting tables from Translyft as standard are equipped with safety features such as safety trip bars that instantly stops the lifting table from lowering, protecting the workers from clamping accidents, and mechanical locks for securing the table during service and maintenance. The many safety features that may be included in the heavy lifting equipment offered by Translyft can certainly help ensure the well-being of the employees. You can learn more about our available accessories here:


Advantages in heavy lifting equipment

The lift equipment offered by Translyft includes a variety of machinery that helps to optimise the workflow of the daily tasks, whether it is construction work carried out outside or a warehouse related task. The burden of lifting equipment is taken of the workers and relied on a heavy lifting machinery such as lifting tables, loading bays, goods lifts, pallet lifters and so on.

The optimisation of time and human resources is a great advantage of the lifting equipment offered by Translyft because time is money. Furthermore, a content employee is a content employee in a context of performance as well.

The repetitiveness of tasks might also have overwhelming effects on workers’ motivation to perform daily tasks with the same charismatic approach. A study from 2009 about Boredom in the workplace, tackling issues of monotonous tasks explains that ‘’[…] Whilst some studies indicate boredom is reflected in low movement activity (Wallbott, 1998 (1)), others indicate restless movement such as bodily focused repetitive behavior (e.g. nail biting) may reflect boredom (2)‘’. It indicates the need of eliminating repetitive physical movements from the workday if possible, to avoid inflicting boredom. The motivation to carry out tasks perfectly each time is an essential part of any crew in any company, that is why investing in lifting equipment is a crucial step towards performance improvement.

(1) Boredom in the workplace

(2)  (Williams, Rose and Chisholm, 2007)

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We can guide you to best solution 

Whether your workplace is in need of small adjustments in order to help with the repetitiveness of a task and ensure the smoothness of the workflow or heavy lifting equipment that lifts several tons Translyft is able to fulfill any of the needs you may have. The lifting needs of every company vary because every workplace is unique, and we understand the individual needs. We will find the best solution to improve your workflow and make the heavy lifting operations at your workplace easier while also helping to improve ergonomics.

Maintaining the right posture is essential when performing a task connected with lifting heavy objects as the wrong working position may lead to back and spinal injuries. We recommend that you get professional advice when assessing which heavy lifting equipment you need at your work station to benefit the most.

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