Double scissor lift table

Majority of our products are based on a scissor mechanism enabling elevating objects and persons. A double scissor is a standard Translyft scissor table that has been equipped with an extra pair of scissors for an extended travel. It allows higher reach, increasing the travel.

The single scissor lift travels anywhere from 550 to 3000 mm, a double scissor lift table is able to extend that travel up to 4500 mm. Double vertical scissor lift platforms are ideal for use in a loading bay area or to compensate for levels differences, e.g. between a warehouse floor and a transportation vehicle or when working at heights, enabling the operator to reach a desired area. Its hydraulic power source ensures high lifting capacity up to 6000 kg.

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translyft Double scissor lift table

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All the double scissor lift tables can be produced as a bespoke solution to answer your specific needs. We know that every lift is unique, and it is essential for us to take care of all the details so you can focus on your job.

Our sales team can guide and advise you regarding many available options, which also include: truck sleeve, turn table, loading bridge, etc. Please do not hesitate to call us at +44 0870 904 7775

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A double scissor lift table is also useful in other processes such as:

  • Lifting and lowering of various goods
  • Manual handling
  • Compensation for level differences at conveyors
  • Machines infeed and outfeed
  • Pallet loading and unloading

  • Packing lines
  • Used as a work platform

When used as a work platform it is important to ensure the operator’s safety. All types of double scissor table lift we offer can be supplied with a considerable number of various accessories to suit your specific needs.

We manufacture our double scissor lift tables in various steel options like galvanized steel, stainless steel and painted steel.

Adapting adouble scissor lift table for your workflow

Depending on the type of job you need to perform we can offer a solution that fits just right. A table can be placed almost anywhere, e.g. directly onto a warehouse floor or outside in a pit. Depending on the accessibility of the scissor lift table you need to protect employees and others from getting int o contact with the scissor. Chain mesh or a bellow protect the area.

The double scissor lift table can be used across various industries such as construction, car, logistics or for various warehousing activities. When working with packages we can supply a roller conveyor to enable easy and seamless handling of the product. Our offer includes tilt option, creating a coil or upender.

Even if the task meant for the table means an intense use, we are able to supply the product with an intense use kit, ensuring it is always up to a given task.

If the table is to be placed in a potentially explosive zone, we can meet requirements of various industries and are certified to deliver an ATEX solution. E.g. concerning the offshore or the pharmaceutical industry. We have various lines of products, including a hygienic design that is especially important when handling food products or pharmaceutics.

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Want to know more about our double scissor lift tables? Let us know what task you would like to make easier and together we can find the perfect solution to optimize your workflow. We are sitting ready at tel.: +44 0870 904 7775 or send us an e-mail at