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Lifting solutions

A lifting solution is a piece of machinery that facilitates lifting making it easier and more ergonomic by decreasing the need for repetitive motions of your employees such as bending, reaching and carrying. The excessive stress on muscles, discs and vertebrae caused by those activities may lead to musculoskeletal disorder (MSD). According to The University of North Carolina research on workplace safety, it is a result of repeated micro trauma caused to specific body parts.

Usually a traumatic injury occurs when a body is exposed to a car accident or by playing sports over longer period of time. The same result may also be a consequence of heavy lifting over an extended period. It may take weeks, months or years to develop but it certainly can be avoided with a use of a lifting solution.

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Avoid muscle fatigue

Muscle fatigue is a daily issue for many workers which greatly contributes to either more rotation between employees to get the job done or employees will have to quit their jobs because they are unable to perform the repetitive task of lifting goods. The body simply increases the need for rest periods to allow it to recover from muscle stress.

Hiring and training new employees is an expensive process as it is highly time consuming and the company loses a great deal of know how. Moreover, there wasted time resources could be allocated for performing other tasks therefore improving the productivity and workflow.

A lifting solution that benefits most workplaces is a lifting table. This solution can ease the everyday tasks and decrease repetitive lifting hence boosting the overall quality and satisfaction among employees.

We are experts in safe lifting. We can help you relieve your employees from everyday stress of lifting, bending and turning.  Optimize your workflow and improve your workplace ergonomics. 

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Our engineers can provide you with a customised product that fits your workflow needs. Whether you have a specific task to perform or you are not sure which solution could be right for you, our sales team is always happy to help you and provide the best advice. Our products can be adjusted according to your requirements no matter what capacity, weight or item you wish to lift.

We are the experts in the lifting technologies, so you do not need to be. Trust us, our expertise and let us guide you to the best heavy lifting equipment

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